Carnelian Crystal My Creativity & Say Yes to Opportunities Gemstone!

Carnelian Crystal My Creativity & Say Yes to Opportunities Gemstone!

Hi. In this video I'm going to be talking about
carnelian, yes carnelian. This orangish, reddish crystal is a stone
that exuded such warmth, such vitality and such energy and it truly, truly boosts creativity. And why is creativity important? Creativity is important because we are creative
beings by nature and everything we do creates a reality moment by moment and truly we are
here on earth at this time to really, really create things that come from our hearts, that
are authentic so that the world that we live in can truly reflect that loving energy.

So Carnelian truly, truly came into my life
and helped me understand this and truly helped me come from that place of feeling so barren
and feeling so empty and feeling that I could not produce anything and that I had not produced
anything in my life. Seriously there was a time in my life that
I felt everything that I did was just rubbish. I mean it probably wasn't but it was the mindset
that I was coming from because I felt that those things that I had created in my life
did not mean anything, because most if the things I had done up to that point in my life
came out of a place of fear. Fear was really truly the driving motivation
for a lot of the things that I did in my life.

And as a result, as I started awakening I
started feeling very disconnected with those things and for some reason now I just don't
attach a lot of emotion to those things and I've let a lot of those things go. Those things that were created out of fear
because the energies do not support anything that comes from a place of fear. Right now the energies only support things
that are born from our hearts, from our truth, from our authentic selves. So as time goes by I guess many people will
begin to feel that the things that are not real for them, the things that are not authentic,
the things that they're holding onto that don't serve their highest good or the highest
good of anyone else.

The things that don't truly come from their
hearts, no matter what they are. People, places, events. Those things at some point will not be able
to stand the energies that are coming down today because these energies are energies
of love and they only support truth. But that's neither here nor there.

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We are talking about carnelian. Carnelian truly helped me sort of understand
this lesson and truly at least introduce that energy into my life. That helped me start creating things from
a place of love and a place of warmth and vitality and truth. So carnelian is a second chakra stone.

It's a sacral chakra stone. As much as we like to focus on the upper chakras,
the lower chakras are also very important because they sort of- you know the whole thing
of being in balance? You know, we cannot just be dealing with upper
chakra issues. We also have to deal with the lower chakra
issues of physicality. As above, so below, so that we can remain
in balance so we can get the information that comes from above and use that information
to build and to ground ourselves here on earth and to create the things that we are here
on to create on earth because we are here! Whether we like it or not most of us are going
to be here and the world that you have to create has to be a loving, loving world.

So this beautiful orange reddish stone helped
me to understand that. At some time in my life to be quite honest
I truly felt barren and empty and I felt like I could not produce anything in my life. When I looked around things just didn't make
sense. You know when you're feeling at the bottom
of the barrel kind of thing? I just could not see what I had really done
in this world.

You know? Even though there were certain evidences of
the things I had accomplished they just didn't mean anything to me. And I was just like oh my gosh, is this all
there is to this world? You know when you get to that point where
you're asking what else is there? Is there more in my life? Who am I? What am I here to do? And you sort of find yourself doing things
that don't really add up to who you are. Then even though you might be making progress
in those areas that don't add up to who you are, you know in your heart of hearts that
this is totally rubbish. You know what I'm saying? I used to feel like that in a lot of ways.

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Until one day I was introduced to this stone. This was my first carnelian stone which I
really like because I kind of felt that it looks like me. It has this little mouth- big mouth here that
like mine. You see? When I smile I feel like it's just me.

So this was my first carnelian stone which
I loved very much. Because when I was feeling very empty I used
to place this carnelian stone on my second chakra. On my sacral chakra. The sacral chakra deals with sexuality, with
intimacy, with reproductive issues, with creativity.

With that kind of energy that brings things
into being. That creates things. I felt like I was really lacking in that area. I wanted to produce something that made sense
to me.

To find my creative power. Carnelian showed me that. It did not work very powerfully like most
crystals work. You know they come into my life sometimes
and I feel like they come in with a bang.

I feel it in my body and my environment. Carnelian worked very subtly. It was a subtle kind of energy. That just started to introduce warmth and
vitality and to show me doors that were open before me.

So this carnelian stone truly, truly as part
of opening you up to warmth and vitality and creativity. It begins to show you Caroline that you're
not stuck. You are not barren Caroline, you're not. You can produce more.

Here are the doors that I'm showing you. So slowly by slowly carnelian started to introduce
to bring to my awareness and energy that allowed me to warm up. The color orange is warm. It allowed me to warm up to the ideas that
there were possible doors that were open.

All I had to do was to say yes. Say yes. Carnelian helped to boost my creativity and
I truly credit it for being the stone of creativity that has helped become out of my shell. Become warm and to start saying yes.

You cannot produce anything in your life if
you are closed. If you say no, we have to say yes. So when an opportunity would come up to say
yes, I would say yes. And that opportunity would lead me to an opening
that would allow me to become authentic in expressing myself.

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In s many ways carnelian came into my life
as a creative stone. As a stone of warmth and vitality. It gives me energy to say yes and to do those
things. To see the open doors that were before me
and to become creative.

It really does introduce that energy in a
very subtle way. All you have to do is just open your eyes
and your awareness to the opportunities that are coming your way because carnelian boosts
the energy of creativity and as long as you're open it'll show you the little loopholes. The open doors. The opportunities and all you have to do is
say yes.

I said yes when carnelian brought its energy
of creativity into my life and I walked through those doors and I'm telling you, I cannot
even believe where I am today in terms of the warmth that I exude. The vitality that I have. The energy that I have and the creative things
that I do. I have let go of all the things that were
not created in truth.

And that were created out of fear. And I have chosen and opted to start creating
using the energy of the carnelian stone and the opportunities that have been presented
to me. Also combined with the energy of all the other
open chakras and all the other crystals that are supporting me I have said yes. And truly, now I truly feel that I have stepped
into my creative power.

Carnelian truly is the stone that helped me
really step into that creative power. Do you have a carnelian? Do you love it? What would you use it for? It's time to be creative; it's time to produce
works that come out of love. So let me know what you do with your carnelian
stones and how you use them and I'll see you next time. Let's keep creating this beautiful world you
beautiful creative beings and I'll see you next time.

Love you..

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