Gemstone Review – 10 Ideas For Memorable 12th Anniversary Gifts – agate gemstone

Gemstone Review – 10 Ideas For Memorable 12th Anniversary Gifts – agate gemstone
agate gemstone –

By the time your 12th wedding anniversary rolls around, you probably feel that you have run the gamut of anniversary gifts and are fondly considering getting away with flowers and chocolates this time. Whoa! Stop right there! Just read these nifty tips and you will never take a wrong step forward.

First, the facts. Semi-precious and precious gemstones are strong this year, not surprising since this year is also referred to as the Pearl Anniversary. Sensuous silk and cosy linen are the twin traditional themes for the twelfth anniversary year, while contemporary presents include colour gems and pearls. Oh, and in case you are thinking of giving her roses, opt for peony instead (it is customary).

1. Silk apparel

Silk makes any woman feel like a sizzling diva. Make her drool with some sexy silk pyjamas or super sensuous silk lingerie and get ready to be seduced in style.

2. Nothing like the cosy feel of linen, particularly if she loves the fabric. Get some exquisite high-thread count linen bed sheets or, if that’s not romantic enough, then some erotic linen lingerie.

3. Is she away at work on your anniversary? Never mind. Plan a special evening (and night) instead. You may have to take a half-day from work if you are planning a surprise dinner for her at home. Cook her favourite appetizers, main course and dessert. Set up the table with a lovely linen tablecloth and lit candles, lay out the best cutlery and crockery and fill a vase with masses of peonies. Don’t forget to have soft music playing in the background.

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4. Pearl jewellery

Since this is your first ‘Pearl Anniversary’, pearl jewellery is called for. Go for a single or double strand pearls necklace – the all-time favourite. Or else, choose a unique bracelet that is studded with colour gems interspersed with freshwater pearls.

5. Her jewellery deserves a great resting place. So, why not get her a beautiful wooden jewellery box, inlaid with mother-of-pear work. Slip in a necklace/ bracelet or anniversary ring, set in either colourful gems or entirely of pearls.

6. Usher in the day with a small cluster of peonies placed on her bedside table with an agate necklace wound artistically in between the blooms.

7. Better still, if she is a gardening enthusiast, give her a potted peony plant. Did you know that peony is renowned for its beauty and healing properties? See the plant grow – like your love.

8. Get her 12 gifts!

Celebrate each of the twelve years of your marriage by leaving a trail of twelve gifts all through the house. They could be based on the traditional and contemporary themes or be completely original. Let her voyage of discovery end with you yourself – her best present, gift-wrapped!

9. Often, unexpected developments can take the wind out of one’s sails. Worst case scenario: the children are sick, one or both of you are unwell, one or both of you have lost their job – in short, you see nothing to celebrate. Wrong. External circumstances are like shifting sand – they are bound to change. But what is constant, and will remain so, is the love that binds the two of you together. And that love, that togetherness, needs to be honoured and celebrated, irrespective whether you can manage a gourmet dinner or a simple home-cooked meal. If you cannot get her even a store-bought card, stop feeling despondent. Make her one instead. Write ‘I love you’ with rose petals on the bedroom carpet. Remember, romance lies in the small, unexpected gestures.

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10. Be mysterious.

Send her a cryptic message that asks her to be ready and waiting for you in the evening. Don’t divulge any details. When you arrive, lead her blindfolded to a waiting limousine that whisks the two of you to a helipad. Help her to board the chopper and when you are about to be airborne, remove the blindfold. Have champagne and gourmet snacks ready on board. Raise a toast to her and your marriage as you soar above the skies on your very own private ride!

Your thoughtfulness and innovation will have her feeling secretly thrilled at the thought of having netted such a romantic guy! Happy 12th anniversary!

– 10 Ideas For Memorable 12th Anniversary Gifts


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