Gemstone Review – Benefits of Gemstone Jewelry – agate gemstone

Gemstone Review – Benefits of Gemstone Jewelry – agate gemstone
agate gemstone –

Gemstones aren’t just used to make pretty jewelry and gifts. Did you know that they are believed to be beneficial to our health? Gemstones are used as a form of alternative healing. And as with all alternative methods, some consider it to be a myth while others swear by it. 

The power of gemstones is said to come from the energy imparted from the rocks from which these stones originate. Here are some of the most common gemstones and their uses beyond just making you look good.

Peridot is a medium green stone that dates back over 4,000 years. Mentioned in the Bible as chrysolite, this stone is still worn by Catholic Bishops as a sign of purity and morality. It is believed that wearing this stone will help heal gall bladder and liver problems and that only a truly spiritual person can understand its beauty.  Worn on a pendant, this stone is believed to be soothing and emotionally healing.

Black onyx is the birthstone for July. This stone is believed to bring good fortune, enhance self control, and help with depression.

Blue topaz is used to attract true love and success. Believed to promote individuality and creativity, this stone is used to help make solid decisions. It is said that wearing blue topaz with silver magnifies the effects of topaz.

Citrine is a yellow to gold hued quartz, and is used as a more affordable alternative to topaz. It is believed that citrine will increase the wearer’s ability to attract wealth, and wearing one anywhere on your body is considered lucky.

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Sandstone in general is a grounding stone, since it is so closely associated with the earth. The color blue is associated with emotional and psychic calmness. Wearing this stone is said to make the wearer calmer and more realistic.

Amethyst runs from mauve to dark purple in color and is said to protect one from drunkenness and support a clear mind. The word amethyst comes from the Greek word for “without drunkenness.”

Agates are generally considered protective and healing stones, but red agate is associated with fire. It is believed to awaken sexuality, vitality, and energy. This stone is reputed to heal burns and relieve chronic pain.

If you don’t need them for their healing powers, enjoy the fun pieces of jewelry that these gemstones are used to create. Gemstone necklaces are a great gift for a fashion lover or for someone you care.

– Benefits of Gemstone Jewelry


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