Gemstone Review – Chalcedony Gemstone Information and Facts – agate gemstone

Gemstone Review – Chalcedony Gemstone Information and Facts – agate gemstone
agate gemstone –

Technically, chalcedony is any form of microcrystalline or cryptocrystalline quartz, therefore without high magnification, human can’t see the quartz crystals because they are too small. In common practice, stones with translucent, single color types are considered as ‘chalcedony;’ the rest of this group are categorized under individual variety names, such as carnelian, agate, bloodstone, onyx or jasper.

An opaque, solid colored stone is usually referred to as jasper. Agate is defined either by having pattern to its colors or by its translucency. Chalcedony is also more commonly known by the name of “microcrystalline quartz” by many scientists. The chemical formula for chalcedony is SiO2 (silicon dioxide) or silica. The chalcedony gemstone displays a dull, waxy or glossy luster which may be semitransparent to translucent. The most common colors are blue-gray, white to grey or shades of brown from pale to almost black.

The name of the stone is named after the ancient seaport of Chalcedon (Kardikoy, Turkey). It was a treasured gem of the ancient world. In the third century AD, Greek seafarers wore chalcedony to avoid drowning. Every Roman would have a seal or signet ring carved in this durable and fine material. The gem was also prized by Victorians for carved intaglios and cameos: its fine texture allows for intricate and delicate workmanship. Today, jewelry designers love its glowing translucent tones and also its availability in a wide range of shapes and colors, including carvings.

Varieties of chalcedony show an amazing variety of patterns and colors. The translucent bands and stripes of agates, the rich opaque brown and green of fine-grained jasper, the red and green pattern of bloodstone, the plant like forms of moss agate, the rich translucent orange-red of carnelian, opaque black of onyx and apple-green of chrysoprase are all faces of the versatile quartz gem. Many gem dealers or buyers like to call chalcedony as agate, although the term agate is used normally to describe the banded varieties of chalcedony.

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Crystals of chalcedony were a Sacred Crystal of the Native American Indians. Chalcedony healing crystal is believed to bring joy, harmony and happiness, balances mind, body and spirit. It helps to promote and practice brotherhood with all people. It dissolves negative attitudes, eliminates self-doubt, enhances generosity and help us to become more responsive or receive new ideas and information more readily.

– Chalcedony Gemstone Information and Facts

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