Gemstone Review – Druzy Quartz: Gemstone Jewelry Sparkle, Color and Value – agate gemstone price

Gemstone Review – Druzy Quartz: Gemstone Jewelry Sparkle, Color and Value – agate gemstone price
agate gemstone price –

Demand for druzy quartz in Gemstone and Fashion Jewelry is growing as more and more jewelry buyers come to appreciate the sparkling and unusual beauty of its reflective surface and affordable pricing.

Druzy is the term given to gemstones that have a natural surface texture much like fine sugar crystals. This signature crystal formation is created by a thin layer of crystal quartz covering the surface of a host stone. Druzy is also known as “drusy” or “druse”. Many minerals are found in this form including chrysocolla, malachite, hematite, pyrite and carnelian. The crystals that fill the inside cavity of a geode, such as amethyst or citrine, are also examples of druzy.

Druzy quartz is 100% natural quartz stone that has an agate (quartz) base and a top thin layer of crystalline quartz. A variety of minerals are found as drusies. For example, drusy chrysocolla is composed of chrysocolla that has been converted into a form of agate with crusts of small sparkling quartz crystals in tiny cavities. Pure chrysocolla is free of quartz. When it becomes “agatized” in chalcedony quartz with an aggregate of minute crystals coating a surface, drusy chrysocolla is formed.

Size and evenness of the crystal coverage are two of important value factors used to determine the quality and value of Drusy Quartz items. Drusies can range in size from tiny pieces that can be made into cabochons to large display specimens. They must be cut carefully, so as not to damage the delicate quartz crystals and are commonly seen in free form shapes.

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Smooth, flat calibrated Druzy Quartz gemstones must be produced in a labor intensive “hand process” that begins with a large quantity of raw roundish nodules that is carefully sorted based on the nature of the crystal formations. It can take several pounds of raw material to yield only 2 or 3 useable stones with the necessary flat and even crystal surface required for calibrated stones. Selected materials then go through a series of carefully managed refinements including attentive hand-trimming, expert gem cutting and polishing plus keen quality controls essential to producing undamaged, high quality gemstones.

The spectrum of colors found in Druzy Quartz jewelry come from vapor-coating treatments that produce intense hues of blue, green, and purple and interesting metal effects with iridescent qualities. Relatively inexpensive and beautiful when used in gemstone jewelry, druzy quartz has become a “hot” trendy choice because of its sparkle, color and value.

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– Druzy Quartz: Gemstone Jewelry Sparkle, Color and Value


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