Gemstone Review – Mala Beads and Meditation – agate gemstone rings

Gemstone Review – Mala Beads and Meditation – agate gemstone rings
agate gemstone rings –

Guiding your soul with the mala beads, balancing your chakras in meditation with the help of mantras, spiritual meditation is an excellent healer of the human body. 108 is a sacred number in Hinduism and Buddhism and most malas are 108 plus the Guru Bead. Mala beads are a beautiful tool for keeping count during mantra meditations. Malas bracelets can also be made of 27 beads or 21 beads and can be used for some mantras for balancing depending on the syllables. For example the Gayatri mantra which is an exploration of "OM", is perfect for a dawn meditation repeated 27 times with the quartz crystal or Himalayan sphatik mala. Some Malas are made from gemstones that match the color of the chakra that you are trying to balance or energize. Yoga Malas are the affirmations of the sacred intent of your ritual, and are placed in altars as a reminder of your beautiful and meaningful positive affirmations. Tibetan Buddhist beads or Buddhist prayer beads, rudraksha beads strung with carnelian and agate, rose quartz and jade, japa mala beads have been used since ancient times.

Aligning the energies scattered in the atoms of our body, connecting to the ethereal soul the mala is a reflection of your journey starting as a very basic grounding tool and slowly winding its way up to the crown chakra where the connection to the spiritual guide is like an effluent flame, bright and blinding, in the pure bliss of complete acceptance. Yoga and meditation go hand in hand with the practice of yoga guiding the body's energies and meditation the connection to the spiritual universe.

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Traditional Hindu malas are made with Rudraksha beads associated with Shiva, lotus seeds that reflect the energy of Laxmi, Bodhi seeds of the Buddha Tree, or rosewood connected to Ganesha. Healing chakra malas are made from semi precious gemstones, carrying different wave lengths of energies and colors. Black onyx is a grounding stone and when used with quartz crystal it represents the ying and yang or shiva and shakti. Turquoise, rose quartz, or jade are associated with the heart chakras and emotional stability. Hand made malas are beautiful jewelry gifts as well and should always be treated with sacred care as they carry the energy of the wearer.

The mala in essence becomes what the wearer wants it to be engaging your energy wavelengths through the mantras passing through the beads and with each repetition, your prayers, your hopes, and dreams become manifest.

Sit comfortably, relaxed, yet with the spine aligned, eyes closed, breathe deeply and empty your mind setting forth your intention. Hang the first mala bead on the first, middle or ring finger of your right hand, each finger is connected with different nadis so it will energize a different layer of the body. Hold the thumb on the guru bead and begin chanting your mantra feeling the flow of energy rising up through the basal chakra.Go through the entire mala till you reach the guru bead. To do another round of mantras, turn the mala around and move in the opposite direction completing a full circle of chakra balancing, please do not cross over the Guru bead, as this is the seat of Knowledge.

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– Mala Beads and Meditation


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