Gemstone Review – Picking the Perfect Gemstone Globes – agate gemstone price

Gemstone Review – Picking the Perfect Gemstone Globes – agate gemstone price
agate gemstone price –

Gemstone globes are an incredible addition to any office décor. They give off a definite essence of class while providing a beautiful focal point in the room. Gemstone globes can be many different sizes. They are made with gems that are inlaid in designs that look like the continents of the world. The globe is then finished with large accents of gold, silver, or brass, which indicate the latitude and longitude lines that would normally appear on a regular globe. As with anything else, there are several things to keep in mind when looking at gemstone globes. Here are a few tips for what to look for.

Types of stones

The easiest way to identify gemstone globes is by looking at which kind of stone makes up the oceans, which are the largest portion of the globe. Of course blue is the color you would expect to see, but there are also some other colors that are used for the oceans. Blue lapis is probably the most common color to find in the oceans of gemstone globes, but there are also many other kinds that may use agate, mother of pearl, tiger’s eye, turquoise, quartz, and more.

One of the concerns some people have about gemstone globes is being able to tell if the stones that make up the globes are actually authentic. The best way to tell if they are is to notice some imperfections in the stones. These imperfections are an indication that the stones are natural and not made through manufacturing processes. Also polishing the stones will indicate whether they are genuine. True stones will shine brightly after they are polished, but fake ones generally will not. The seams between the stones should also be visible because gemstone globes are not made all of one piece.

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Other features

In addition to the different stones, there are also a few other features that make all of these globes unique. Just think of these gemstone globes as another piece of jewelry. What would you expect to see with jewelry? Men who are shopping for a diamond ring are told to take into account the three Cs: color, cut, and clarity. These three Cs also apply to these magnificent little gemstone globes. Just as gemstones on a ring have different cuts and shapes, so the gems that go into a globe also have different shapes and cuts. Out of all the different cuts that are available on a globe, triangle and diamond are typically the most expensive ones.

When figuring out the color, the most important thing to consider is whether the color of the stone is true to the stone itself. We all know what color an aquamarine should be, and it should be this same color throughout with few imperfections. Of course tiny variations in each stone are natural if the stone is real, but you should be able to look carefully at the globe and examine the stones to see what they look like. Clarity also plays into this part because too many imperfections mean that the clarity of the stone is off a bit.


A globe that is made of gemstones can be many different sizes. It can be as large as a floor globe, or it can be as small as a paperweight. Of course the larger the globe is, the more stones that must be used and thus, the higher the price. You may be able to save quite a bit of money by opting for a smaller size globe that still shows how much you care in a very unique way through some beautiful gemstones.

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– Picking the Perfect Gemstone Globes


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