Gemstone Review – The Hidden Meanings Behind Gemstone Cabochons – agate gemstones meaning

Gemstone Review – The Hidden Meanings Behind Gemstone Cabochons – agate gemstones meaning
agate gemstones meaning –

Cabochons have been used in decorations and jewelry for thousands of years. Many of the cabochons which are used nowdays are made of plastic or acrylic, but cabochons used to be made of semiprecious gemstones or joules. Nowadays it is still possible to buy some gemstone cabochons, although they are much less common. Semi-precious gemstone cabochons are often used on charms or on amulets because the wearer believes that these gemstones have special positive effects associated with them. Here is some information about some of the types of gemstones which are used in this cut of stone. You may be able to use some in your jewelry making in the future.

Jade cabochons

Jade is typically a very distinct shade of green, and can usually be described as having a milky, fibrous appearance. It is possible to get gemstones which are technically jade, but which are not green. This is because of slight differences in the chemical composition of the substance. The most common secondary color of jade is red. This stone is associated with serenity and prosperity, and some people think that these qualities make it an excellent stone to wear if you are a sufferer of anxiety or panic attacks.

Moonstone Cabochons

Moonstone is a wonderful gemstone to use in your jewelry making, because it has a wonderful visual appearance, and the name makes it sound as though it should have a range of mystic properties. Because of the microstructure of the surface of moonstone, light is violated when it hits the surface, and is reflected back at different angles. This creates as stunning visual effect or sheen, which means that it goes very well with a lot of different colors and styles of outfit. The stone was named moonstone because this effect was associated with thought to be associated with the moon. Wearers associate moonstone with inspiration, inventiveness and clarity of thought.

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Amethyst Cabochons

Amethyst is another semi-precious gemstone which can be found in a range of different shades of purple, from violent violet shades, right though to reddish purple hues. It is popular because of its vivid color, however some people believe that it helps to control inoxication. You should never advertise amethyst as such, because people may find this description misleading and believe that they can drink more than a safe amount whilst wearing jewelry made with this gemstone. This could lead to accidents. Others believe that amethyst helps the wearer to attain wisdom and control emotion. These aspects may actually relate back to the alcohol protection aspect, because controlling emotions can help people to control their alcohol consumption.

Agate cabochons

Agate is available in a wide range of different colors and unique patterns. Once it has been smoothed and polished, it can be used in a lot of different jewelry and decorations because of the unique patterns. Agate has always been used as a protection stone to protect people from mental anxiety and to help them to stop energy drains. It may also awaken hidden talents.

– The Hidden Meanings Behind Gemstone Cabochons


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