Gemstone Review – What Are the Ametrine Healing Properties? – agate gemstone

Gemstone Review – What Are the Ametrine Healing Properties? – agate gemstone
agate gemstone –

Ametrine is a rare gemstone that has the healing properties of citrine and amethyst as it is formed by the combination of these two stones. The true purple and yellow gem stone come from the Anahi’ mine in Bolivia. It is the most powerful gemstone that works on emotional as well as mental being. Also the different wands, spheres and eggs are used for soothing during massage.

Identification and Sources

It is perfectly divided into two colors that are purple and yellow and a pure form of quartz. The bi-color is because of the traces of iron inside the stone. It is macro crystalline structure of quartz that is easy distinguishable under the naked eyes.

Bolivia at present is the only known source of the finest quality of ametrine. Few amount of ametrine have also been found in India and Brazil but their quality is inferior to the one found in Bolivia.

Ametrine Healing Properties

  1. Ametrine cleans the negative energies of the body and leads to the balance of emotional and spiritual being.
  2. It induces sound sleep.
  3. It is also a calming stone thus chiefly used during meditation.
  4. Ametrine aids in healing the digestive problems and very good in bringing the balance of metabolism and digestion.
  5. It also treats the problem of arthritis, nervous disorders and muscle pain.
  6. It stimulates creativity.
  7. It leads to calm mind and positive attitude.
  8. It improves the hearing and cures the skin problems.
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Beneficial for the people born under zodiac Pisces and Libra.

Although natural ametrine is found only in Bolivia, Brazil yet the synthetic version of this stone is manufactured in Russia. But the healing properties come only with the natural stone.

– What Are the Ametrine Healing Properties?


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