Gemstone Review – Which Gemstones Can Help Develop Your Psychic Abilities – agate gemstones meaning

Gemstone Review – Which Gemstones Can Help Develop Your Psychic Abilities – agate gemstones meaning
agate gemstones meaning –

For centuries people believed gemstones can help develop someone's psychic abilities. It was not uncommon to see spiritual healers treat all sorts of physical and mental diseases. The last few centuries have seen modern science take its place, however recent years have shown a resurgence of this ancient science. For those interested in developing their own psychic abilities it's important to fully understand the psychic properties of each gemstone. Only then will you be able to fully develop our own powers.

The following is a list of popular gemstones that have been found to increase your psychic awareness.

Agate : Helps to connect to spiritual energies by producing a peaceful state of mind.

Amethyst : Protects you from negative energies.

Angelite : Helps develop your telepathic abilities.

Andalusite : Dampens psychic energy. This should be used by people who posses overactive psychic energy.

Apatite : Produces inner visions while stimulating psychic energies.

Azurite : Enhancements overall psychic ability.

Chrysocolla : Induces prophetic dreaming as well as trances.

Cora l: Increases intuition

Emerald : Helps to enhance dreams, making them clearer and easier to understand.

Howlite : Calms the mind. This makes it easier to open up and receive important spiritual information.

Iolite : Helps to open the mind to psychic visions.

Kyanite : Assists in lucid dreaming, telepathic skills, clairvoyance and astral travel.

Labradorite : Also known and the "Wizards Stone", it increases intuitive abilities.

Moonstone : Develops overall psychic abilities by enhancing intuitive skills.

Obsidian : Used for division

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Sapphire : Increases telepathic abilities

Sugilite : Not only offers protection from negative energies, but increases overall psychic abilities as well.

– Which Gemstones Can Help Develop Your Psychic Abilities


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