How to give your Gems some Glow

How to give your Gems some Glow

Hi, to my new video tutorial! First you should turn on the subtitles. SUBTITLES HERE! Today's topic is 'how to make gems glow' and how to create something like this. Or… Something like that.

I already did a tutorial on gems, which you can find in the description below.  There, I've already shown you how to create this, and that is where we start. Okay! Let's go! So! To cast round shapes (like these) you need to have round patterns first. I copied them of this! And if you need square shapes, like these you can build square patterns, like these I built with a lot of hot glue.

Here a smaller one. And, for this I simply used this kind of foil, calculated a little bit, glued it and it works! Now we need to mix our resin. To mix our resin, first you need a scale a cup, something to mix it, and of course your resin and the hardener. So at first you just pour as much resin into the cup as you need.

So, for this shape I need about 100 gramms. That means for 100 gramms of resin I need 100 drops of hardener.  You need to have a look at the label, where you can find your right mixture. So use the right mixture! I'm gonna use 100 drops of hardener now!  And now we mix it! Done! And in with it! After about 10 minutes, the resign turned gelatinous, which is the right time to stick in our LED.

You can find them in every home depot or electronic store. So you take them and stick them in. So I let it harden for a night. Normally it would only need a couple of hours.

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Safe is safe. And if we pull it out, you can see that there are some carvings on it. We can get rid of them with some sanding paper. So we cleaned it up, but as you can see it's not as clear as it was before but that is not a problem, because we will cover it now with acrylic finish.

As you can see the gem is smooth again and we can continue. Now we need to paint it. For that we need lot's of nail polish.  My gem needs to be purple, so I have lot's of purple ones, a little red, a little blue, and now we start! So, now it looks like this.

We need to clean it a little bit though… And for a nicer reflection, we need to glue foil at the back. We just put it on the fresh nail polish and let it dry. Just watch out that the foil does not touch the legs of the LED.

After we cut out the foil, the gem looks like this. Now we come to the light itself. Let's look at what we need. First our LED, then a 9V battery (depending what you have available) and if your battery is too strong, because this LED does only need 3V  but the battery does offer 9V.

The LED does not tolerate too much energy so we need to get rid of the remaining 6V. You can do that with this kind of resistor. So let's try out if it works. The LED has two dirrerent legs.

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The long leg is for the positive pole (red cable), and the short leg is the negative pole (black cable). So we stick the long leg into the positive pole. And the black one to the short leg. Stick it in to test it and Ta-Daah! It glows.

Now we only need to do it for real(z). Now we make a simple circuit from a battery, a switch, a resistor and the LED. Like before, the positive pole goes to the long leg. As well as a connection from the battery to the switch.

Than from the battery, to the switch to the resistor. And than – to close the circle again – to the LED. And now we are done with it! Ta-Daah! So as you see it is really simple. I hope you could understand it.

You can find an even more detailed LED tutotial down there in the description. I hope you liked my tutorial and see you next time!.

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