Most Popular Engagement Ring Designs

Most Popular Engagement Ring Designs

Style: Solitaire
Setting: Tiffany
Metal: Yellow Gold
Gemstone: Diamond
Stone Shape: Round

Once you begin shopping for a ring, you will realize that there are hundreds of options to consider when selecting the perfect engagement ring design. With so many styles to choose from, how do you know which engagement ring is best?

Consider Your Bride-To-Be
Finding the perfect ring is more than buying a beautiful stone and setting. You need to consider what your bride-to-be is really like, including her personality, hobbies, and style preferences. Taking care when selecting the ring will ensure that it is cherished not only for its beauty, but also for its suitability to her lifestyle. When narrowing the selection of engagement ring designs, try to answer the following questions:

* Does she prefer eye-catching or unique jewelry or is a classic, simple design best?
* Would she like a traditional diamond or might she prefer a non-traditional gemstone such as an emerald, sapphire, or aquamarine?
* Does she want both of your wedding bands to match, or should her band be integrated with the engagement ring?
* What type of jewelry does she most often wear? Is it silver, gold, or some other metal?
* Does she wear her jewelry twenty-four hours a day or does she remove it before cleaning house, participating in sports, etc.?
* Would she like an antique piece of jewelry or an heirloom ring from her family?

Once you’ve answered some of these questions, you’ll be able to narrow down your ring choices to the more viable options.
Categories of Engagement Ring Designs

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Once you are familiar with the bride-to-bes basic preferences, you can investigate different categories of engagement rings. The most popular types of rings include:

* Solitaires: Single, simple rings with one focal diamond or gemstone.
* Bridal Sets: Matched sets of two or three rings in complimentary styles.
* Ethnic: Designs crafted to honor different cultures, such as Celtic or Jewish rings.
* Art Deco: Flamboyant, colorful styles using bright gems and bold metals in stylish configurations or figural motifs.
* Vintage: Older pieces that are either antiques or designed to mimic antiques with period styles and designs.
* Contemporary: Sleek modern styles frequently from the most noted jewelry designers.
* Custom: Personalized styles the couple build themselves or otherwise engrave or customize.

When examining different engagement ring designs, it is important to consider multiple characteristics to find the best ring. The setting, metal, and stone choice all contribute to the overall style and help create a stunning ring to symbolize your relationship.

Basic Characteristics of Engagement Ring Designs
Every design has different characteristics, and knowing how to evaluate those characteristics in comparison to the bride-to-bes personality can help you choose the best ring design for your relationship.

The setting is the metal holding the diamonds or gemstones to the rings band. Settings may be bold and distinctive, such as tension and tiffany styles, or they may be more subdued and discreet, such as bezels, flush settings, or channels. When choosing a setting, take into consideration the wearers lifestyle a very active woman would best consider a more protected setting to prevent accidental damage to the ring.

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Engagement rings can be fashioned from many different precious metals. While yellow gold is the most popular choice, white gold and platinum are also very sought-after. If you are interested in a more unique metal, consider titanium or tungsten, both of which are favored for mens rings because of their strength and durability. Multi-tone engagement ring designs are also popular because they combine multiple metals into one distinctive design. Examine the bride-to-bes favorite jewelry, particularly rings, to determine which metals she prefers.

Colorless diamonds are the most popular choice for engagement rings, but many women express their individuality through unique rings highlighting different colored diamonds, pearls, gemstones, or even designer bands without any stones. Every gemstone has different characteristics that add to its quality, and if you plan on purchasing an engagement ring with a stone other than a diamond, be sure to study the quality indications for that particular type of stone.

Another option to add individuality without sacrificing tradition is to choose an engagement ring with a central diamond accented by smaller gemstones, such as the birthstones of the bride and groom. A mixed-stone ring captures the traditional beauty of diamonds while expressing personal meaning and sentimentality through colored gems.

You must also consider the shape of the center stone when selecting an engagement ring. Round stones are the most traditional and popular option, but fancy shapes such as the square princess, triangular trillium, and pointed marquise are also popular and can help create a unique and treasured ring. Different shapes can be combined to create amazing ring designs as well, but be sure to take into consideration the shape of the hand and fingers to select a complimentary style.

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Just as every woman is different, so is every engagement ring design. The key to selecting the perfect ring is to consider the preferences of your intended and try to match the ring to her values and personality. Even if it isnt a perfect match, your thoughtful consideration will be valued far beyond the price of the ring.

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