Sri Lankan Gemstone Expedition by AIGS

Sri Lankan Gemstone Expedition by AIGS

Before he bought this land this was already a mining place. Maybe it's full of gemstones. This land is bought from some people and they don't want to mine. They want to keep for the next generation maybe.

Oh no! It's raining! This we call it "vadeer" This is where the miners stay, drink tea. I'm gonna go down into this crazy mine. We're 50 feet underground right now in one of these sapphire mines near Ratnapura. It's wet, it's hot, and we're totally covered in mud.

Under this sand, he said, you have the gemstones. He takes some bags, he fills up, and he takes it up. Every two months they wash all those bags. You see? Inside those bags you have some rocks.

All the rocks are full of sand and dirty, so they need to take it up and clean it in the river and then they will find from those bags, few, few stones. The furnaces are on so it's hot. 600 Hundred, 700 hundred degrees, it's not too high. Just fill it up, depending on the size of the crucible.

This is a new one. This is aluminum oxide. So, aluminum is here, outside. This powder is coated around the crucible.

We are at the rough market and trying to purchase the rough stones. Trying to get the bargain price. This is nice, see? He asked $100 but you can buy cheap. This is another form of Geuda.

It's milky We are now in Ratnapura, It's a small city full of offices, stones offices and many dealers are here. We are looking at this blue sapphire here, unheated. Stones like spinel, fancy sapphires. I'm looking at blue sapphires.

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Kind of my taste. He's asking 550,000 rupees but my idea is around 200. Right now he is using it for preforming. Then he is polishing with diamond.

So now he's heating up the dop wax and getting into a cylinder shape so that he can mount the rough stone that he just cut on there. Now he's cutting his flat girdle. He did only the crown? But he's still gotta do.. He's gonna have to flip it over and do the bottom This gem market is a big one.

We look at so many to see if the stone is natural. And especially for the rough stones. They show their stones, and then now some students, they want to buy and they negotiate the price. Can make like a cabochon shape? No, it can make a faceted stone.

We are at Beruwala right now, in an office trying to buy some good stones and see what we can find today Outside there are a lot of brokers waiting to show us stones Show anybody willing to buy the stones They will come and show the stones and negotiate the price. I'm looking for a Tsavorite..

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