The Crystal Collector gets flooded by rain but finds amethyst quartz crystals!

The Crystal Collector gets flooded by rain but finds amethyst quartz crystals!

We're Getting pounded by this rain here [on] the east coast but It does One Good thing it allows [Us] to go and Check out some Surface Finds For amethyst and other Crystals Where we've Done some recent machine Digs and first We're Going to go to the Ellis mine in South Carolina and then We're Going to go on over to Jackson's Crossroads in Georgia and see what We can find right off the Surface and And here We are at the ellis mine in South Carolina Finding Them right off The Rip Look at that Look at that South Carolina Here's One Right Here Let's See That's Pretty. Ah that's not Bad Look That's got a nice Point. Its oddly made. Odd shape.

See that's the other one I found here. Oh nice. Alright now here's the one look at this glassy thing here It sure is I mean it's Glassy Dark it Looks. It's almost Many facet material yeah See I got that Coating on it yes Not be too big but But it's pretty Look at that wow Gorgeous Man that's good Yeah thats really deep yea Clear You Know, We still find Them in This Area [This] [Utilized] Area right? There's A miss over There Finding some Crystals And I've Come across a pretty nice One That's Just [Itched] out great with the rain Just sitting here Perched Look at that what That's What I'm Talking About right There Check it out All right Let's Pull this Thing out Yes sir look at that! Super Deep Color Just what the ellis mine is all about right There Sweet Here's One that the Water has Exposed and a little Gully of sorts Check [her] out And Look at that it's Actually got a little bit of the iridescent You Can See the nice Little iridescent colors Look at that You, don't see That too often That's Made you man Sure Amos Called me Over Say Found one man this day Look at that that's [Phat] when They're my Shoe you See ain't even Touched it yet I'll go ahead yeah yeah yeah? Okay, Let's see what See [Ziggler], [oh]? That's Nice Oh Look at that thing [man] In There Pretty Nice that's not Looking At it Diggity [okay], that is Amazing that's good Size that's A good Size that's Amazing man wow hey Honey Look You, did Yeah I started [pulling] up there's like Whoa, let's fill me, oh, yeah I've got a nice Face [oh], She's got, some oxide you can't See the cover but they, don't it'll be good in Purple Looking.

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Mad that's A good Size And it's nice you look at the color I'm not good man That's Deep I'm Looking at it, oh yeah We did I am it's done Found one Right here Another one And There's A footprint right next to [it] and it Says it I was Gonna Say whose is it Is it matters it Was one of [us] Walked and Almost Literally Stepped out on it so I think it was A? Mistake is it yeah it's Nice It's like, oh yeah that is Nice Odd Chic yep but good color good color as Always From Here hey go Outside that is wicked that is Truly Amazing That's the only One That's the only [bassinet] yeah you know give These a quick rinse yeah and Grab Them in A little Something and super Deep Purple [I] want to get the first pick you know Mine This One's Going to Look Great after [it's] Soaked Going to be Really Dark Purple you just Can't Tell because of the heavy oxides on it Staining Nice way to finish the day off Now, we're Off to Jackson's Crossroads in Georgia to see what the rain has Uncovered There this is a public dig so it's going to Be a lot of fun Here We go [hey] [ooh]! Now that's Great Jelly What I'll be right [Here]? But here it is a little bit Cleaned up super Jimmy Color Look How Dark that Is Now that's some Georgia amethyst Just Found This Little Jimmy beauty Check her out Not Bad Right off The Surface A. Little bit of Fog This Morning but Everybody's out Having a, great Time Here in Georgia Such A fun place to go and dig Especially After a nice Or hard rain Walked Over and Look Down so a nice One Here No that's The one You drop yeah Everybody's Claiming to drop it Look at this Purple, everywhere People Just ten Fifteen Foot away digging Rome pieces Up Still all over [the] place Here Look at that right There right on the Path People Been Walking, over it all Morning I bet They're Just all over if You Just Look, Close Enough [Look] at this neat Little one, oh yeah so we eat Sweet yeah get some of this Dirt here off This will Make a nice Little Cluster Nice One Look at that and not only did he find that one he Found this One [Too] look at that Phenomenal I. Mean That This Cluster here is just wow Wow Grapevine Grapevine super Nice Piece Found Look at that There You go Appreciate it man Plenty More [out] Here That's for Sure Neat Little Floater Scepter Look at that Swap Them out man Look at that beauty [Grapevines] That's find of the day for me Nice Nice Plenty More Where [That] Came from We got Three more Days of it? Look at that Yeah yeah Look at the Cluster Man Another good one getting her Done So i'm just Walking Along here Through the [path] and You'll See it right Here The sun has Kind of Came over Just Enough and I saw that See that Boom That Little Sparkle See that So right when I saw that it Had to be a crystal face Look at That a pretty Good Sized One Too [right] There in the road Look man, [oh], yeah Look at, that A. Little Purple Mostly Smoky but Still a really, Nice find Here We go, oh, oh my god that's like are you Serious that's Incredible What did I miss – open it up, [oh], oh my goodness this Is this is Nonsense [This] Is – oh no this is no, oh my god do you know my Kid [I'm] Dreaming me [too] oh My they, don't get They, don't come out this, oh my goodness that Is just did you like Trip, over It'll Even Make See it, [oh] my god it's not Like Would you just Walk [in] and you Just saw the color Man i walk Those are my footprints Right There Five Foot up right There but Now that's the Side that's Just that's Crazy that's Ridiculous, [oh]? Can i hold on out here, oh my goodness Beaver had this Just Just is it gonna Take [a] picture, [oh] Phenomenal, Oh yeah, They're good you know Man that you know that yeah that Makes Y'All's Collection Just about pleats it not Sure why, we're Here for this Location I [doubt] really We will be Digging for One [Days] Just that's Phenomenal, [oh] my god that's Just Blown away I? Speechless Thing Is Huge Towards The end of the day Amos Walks Up and Hands me This One With A big grin, on his Face Such a, nice Find look at the light Refraction Coming off that Thing Man That [Spectacular] [I] mean Look how, Jimmy This Thing is what A find Found By Famous Amos Himself Getting Towards The end of the Day and This one was [Just] Popped out of the ground Check it out Talk About Some Deep Jimmy Color Even A touch of blue Maybe a little bit of Pink in There That's what, we're Talking About? What a great Time Making New Friends Catching up with Old Ones Find an awesome amethyst Going to go Clean up all these beauties We found and See what they Look like after a nice Wash Here's a nice Jimmy Glassy, Phantom amethyst Found by my buddy Thomas Look at that Great Stuff from Jags [our] [and] A few more finds Nice and Cleaned by Michael Here Really Nice Pieces Look at These Clusters man Especially This One WoW and There you [have] [it] Another great Ending to Another Great Weekend of Crystal Digging Cliff, over There Found up the grill, one Last Time Always on the Search in Just A few Days I'll have Another Crystal collect Around this Time Digging out of an amethyst vein Pulling Them out One After Another Check out This Short Preview Pulling out some Nice Smoky Quartz Crystals Just Pull this Huge one out Down in the hole Here There You go, [oh] right out of There All Right Pulling it out nice Smoky amethyst Just A Gorgeous Yeah Super Nice Right out of the Pocket Look at that Here it is Pulling, one of the Nicer Ones Yeah it is [oh], yeah yeah yeah? Oh that's Sweet Yeah I would Say Said? How much you See that's what it's about Whatever for the latest Updates Follow the Crystal Collector on Facebook and Instagram and to Purchase Crystals Google Search Ultra Rocks and it will Take you to the crystal Collector Store on ebay Where you can Purchase The Latest Crystals being Found you.

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