Women’s Activewear and What’s Hot for Summer 2007

Women's Activewear and What's Hot for Summer 2007

Summer, those lazy, crazy days or not. Summer is the time to become active, to take part in all those sports and activities you dont have time for or dont feel like doing during the winter months. Summer 2007 has some killer outfits for you to wear. In fact, you have your choice of clothing designed as activewear or activewear designs incorporated into designer fashion

Consider track pants. They have made their way onto this years runway, as have hoodies, anoraks, and T-shirts. Designers have adapted active sports wear concepts into their collections. In Paris, for example, Dries Van Noten combines sequined tank tops with track pants and creamy polo shirts with pencil thin skirts. Even Chanel and L.A. based Mike & Chris are incorporating hoodies into their fashion. As a result, you can dress for a sport and be in style.

There are collaborations between designers and sportswear labels. Y-3s and Stella McCartneys collections for Adidas and Nike last year are cases in point. In some instances, the emphasis is on eco friendly outfits. Green consciousness and activewear inspired Eco sportswear and Rogan Gregorys Edun line. It is a case of rocker T-shirts and jeans inspired by nature. Meanwhile, Levis cuffed capri pants aim to attract the active and environmentally conscious crowd.

Activewear is everywhere. L.L. Bean continues to combine style with sense. This year, they feature the French sailor shirt. You can purchase it in six different colors and in three different cuts: Henley style, classic crew net and in the popular quarter-zip pullover. The ever reliable Bette and Court continue their practical line of microfiber capris, shorts and skorts. They offer a wide selection of shirts to suit all your active needs striped, colored or white, sleeveless or short sleeve. Quality defining Leon Levin is ready for this summer with their line of fashionable capris, polo shirts, cardigan sweaters, and comfortable casual collection.

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There is also the specialty activewear. REI has developed an extensive and colorful yoga line. Champion continues to produce their own unique style of yoga clothing. Casall offers workout clothing for power Pilates. Lucy prides itself on activewear for anytime, any place. Royal Robbins offers Zenon Stripe Strappy Tank tops made from moisture stretch jersey. Swami has some amazingly comfortable Shilo Capris perfect for golf and afterwards. Coldwater Creek calls their offering crop pants.

Overall, activewear styles vary widely. The basics, however, remain the same. You will need a hoody, shorts, polo or golf shirts, a skirt, skorts, shorts and pants. The major buzz, in this years fashion world, is the ongoing love affair with Capri pants. Capris are a piece of clothing blending different sports and sectors of your life into one. They are comfortable, stylish and oh so practical. Almost any sports store and an amazingly broad sector of low and high-end stores stock them. It is an example of women blending their real life interests with their clothing choices.

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