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5 commonly fake jewelry on the gemstone market

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 ruby gemstone - 

Things are not always what they seem to be, and that's certainly the case in the gemstone market. What looks like a gem of great value can prove to be a less precious stone mislabelled tag. Gemstones may also be subjected to treatment and dyeing to imitate a different stone. Even worse, what you thought was a gemstone may not be at all. You want to know five fake stones? We are discussing here 5 fake stones commonly sold on the current market.


The most expensive gemstone is of course the first target of imitation. There are not only diamonds created in the laboratory, but also ways to simulate a diamond. First, the false gemstone could be faced with a transparent gem represented by a diamond. The best substitute for diamonds is zircon, a gemstone that can be as beautiful as diamonds, but much more abundant to be so expensive. Zircon itself is made artificially, and the simulated stone, zirconium, especially cubic zirconia, is also sold as a diamond with moissanite. The most common fake diamond on the market is probably Swarovski crystal. Swarovski crystal is not a stone, but a glass made to effectively simulate the brilliance of a diamond crystal.


Ruby is a rare red gemstone quite expensive like diamond. And like the diamond, the ruby ​​is very often falsified. Beside garnet, spinel, another less precious red precious stone, is often wrongly presented as a ruby. This practice has become so widespread that the repercussions have proved rather bad, not only for the ruby, but also for the spinel. When people hear about the name spinel, they think it means false ruby, which of course is not true, because spinel is its own natural, authentic and beautiful gemstone. Needless to say, red artificial stones are also made in laboratories and sold as rubies at a worrying price, unlike gems.


A "citrine" stone is probably the most obvious stone of the gemstone market. Given the number of citrines used, it's not even necessary to look closely at most citrine stones to find out that they are fake stones. The yellow variety of quartz, citrine, is an extremely rare gemstone, too rare for it to be worn by a very small number of people, much less than the actual number of citrine jewelry sold on the market. precious stones. Most of the citrines on the market are inferior parts of the abundant amethyst or smoked quartz that has been heat treated.


Turquoise is the most precious opaque stone and a gemstone whose offer has not responded effectively to demand. Turquoise is falsified by representing several gems totally different as being turquoise. These gems include variscite, chrysocolla and even the howlite, a naturally white gemstone characterized by dark veins. How many gem collectors are probably surprised when they see turquoise stones wrapped in black veins?

Black onyx

All false stones are not fraudulent. There are fake gems that are badly seen by buyers, and there are no more authentic gems that are well accepted by most people. The black onyx is one of those stones. Onyx is a variety of agate that occurs in black and white stripes. The black onyx is cut into the black stripes of onyx, but even these black stripes can have white onyx streaks. To keep the color of the uniform black onyx, onyx is completely dyed black. This practice is now widely accepted. Indeed, it was traditional to dye black onyx.

The factory of everything

Of course, there are many other gems that are dummy, dyed or fully synthetic stones. One must keep a watchful eye to make sure that the gems they buy are genuine and not these fake gems on the market. Have you ever experienced buying what turned out to be a faux stone or a synthetic stone? How crazy, disappointed or discouraged are you when you realize that you are the victim of the various fake jewels sold in the jewelery sector?

5 commonly fake jewelry on the gemstone market


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