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5 reasons to love aquamarine engagement rings

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The beautiful and gorgeous aquamarine engagement rings are a perfect choice for couples looking for unique, diamond-free or affordable rings. The aquamarine offers much more than an eye-catching beauty: it's one of the best gems to use for alliances.

1. Aquamarine is durable

Aquamarine has a price ranging between 7.5 and 8.0 on the Moh hardness scale, and aquamarine rings do not require any special care. It is a very durable gemstone that can withstand daily wear, equal with topaz and morganite. The aquamarine is easily found in nature, without internal inclusions nor external imperfections; High clarity gems without inclusions and imperfections have minimized the risk of chipping or cracking when they are exposed to violent shocks or increased pressure. Because of its high sharpness rating, aquamarine is even more durable than an emerald.

2. Aquamarine rings are priced for all budgets

Shiny, inexpensive engagement rings made with aquamarine gemstones are available for under $ 500, and exquisite ring styles including aquamarines and diamonds are available for over $ 5,000. There is a wide selection of aquamarine rings in a wide range of prices and couples have an almost infinite number of styles to choose from, regardless of their budget.

3. The aquamarine wedding rings are unique

Engagement rings and wedding bands have become very popular in recent years and aquamarine rings offer a unique interpretation of the most popular sapphire, emerald and ruby ​​engagement rings. In addition, the subtle aqua blue of aquamarine, combined with dazzling flashes of light, gives a clean and elegant look, both unique and sophisticated.

4. Aquamarine is versatile

Aquamarine is the dream of a gemstone maker: it cuts cleanly and has a low risk of breaking or splitting. Since the gemstone can be cut into any shape, a aquamarine can be stylish to suit any type of engagement ring, including emerald, brilliant round, baguette, Asscher shapes and princess. In addition, gem cutters often use aquamarine to experiment with new types of cuts and designs.

The aquamarine is also frequently found in very large carat sizes, including high clarity gemstones weighing hundreds of pounds. Due to the large sizes of aquamarine that are commonly found, aquamarine rings are available in a wide range of carat sizes, intricately cut complex cut stones to sizes big and glowing gumball bling.

5. The aquamarine engagement rings are beautiful

Last but not least, the aquamarine wedding bands are absolutely superb. The aquamarine has a refractive index (a measure of the gem's ability to capture and reflect light) from 1.57 to 1.58. The refractive index of aquamarine is comparable to that of an emerald and is just under a ruby ​​or sapphire. A custom cut aquamarine gem has a bright, radiant glow - perfect for engagement and wedding rings.

Tips for choosing the best aquamarine wedding rings

The aquamarine engagement rings are appreciated for the quality of the aquamarine gemstone, as well as for its cut and color; The carat size has little to do with the price of the rings. The most popular aquamarine gemstones have a custom cut, a deep blue color and a perfect degree of sharpness. Light blue aquamarine and aquamarine with slight hints of green are equally beautiful - and often preferred for engagement and wedding rings - but they are not as popular as blue gems. Before you buy, make sure you pay the right price for your ring. Examine the cutting, sharpening and coloring qualities of the gemstone.

5 reasons to love aquamarine engagement rings


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