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About precious stones

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What are precious stones? Gemstones, also known as gems or jewels, are precious stones used in the making of jewelry or ornaments.

What does Gemstone understand? Well Gemstone is composed of minerals and sometimes rocks and organic materials. Stones such as lapis lazuli can be considered as precious stones and organic materials such as amber or jets can belong to the category of gems.

What is the ranking in gems? Calibration is the method by which precious stones are distinguished according to quality. Quality is checked in the lab, called AGL, and grades the gemstones accordingly.

In how many ways, precious stones are cut? Gemstones that are cut domed and polished on opposite sides of the facets are called cabochons. They are opal, variscite, turquoise, etc. Some gemstones polished at the facets and cut by a machine with facets at the exact angles are therefore transparent. In addition, when cutting, it should be taken into account that if the angle is too small, the light will not be returned to the viewer every time the light passes through the stone.

Why are precious stones of different colors? First, let's see why all material is colored. It is because of the white light, that is to say, the light of day, which is a combination of different colors of light. Whenever light passes through a material, some of the light is absorbed while the remaining part passes through. This remaining part, equal to the white light minus the absorbed light, reaches the viewer's eye and thus makes the object or material colorful. For example: the ruby ​​is red because the blue, yellow, green colors present in the white light are absorbed and only the red remains which gives the ruby ​​a red appearance. The colors can also be absorbed with the help of impurities. For example: one can make the colorless beryl appear in two colors, green, with the help of impurities such as chrome, which turns it into emerald and pink, that is to say say the pink morganite, with the addition of impurity of manganese.

Why and what are the treatments that are given to gems? Precious stones are treated to improve their color or clarity by treating them with heat or by waxing or oiling them, thus increasing the value of the gemstone. For precious stones to look attractive, a fracture filling treatment is applied.

About precious stones


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