Gemstone Review – Aquamarine Jewelry – ruby gemstone

Gemstone Review – Aquamarine Jewelry – ruby gemstone
ruby gemstone –

Every current jewelry culture has birthstones in their collections. Some are better known than others. For example, for those born in July they get the beautiful ruby as their lucky birthstone and April’s birthstone is the unforgettable diamond. But the one gem that many don’t recognize is aquamarine, March’s birthstone.

Aquamarine means “water of the sea”. It’s often a transparent light blue or blue green gem, and is a member of the beryl family. The colors can range from a very light almost clear tint of blue to the deeper, brighter blue green. It’s considered a semiprecious gem as opposed to the diamond, emerald, sapphire and rubies, which are precious stones. Usually aquamarine is less expensive and easier to find.

Aquamarine jewelry is often heat treated if it is very light in color when it is mined. This gives it a deeper blue color, which in turn, makes the aquamarine jewelry worth more money. The lighter stones, however, are a beautiful substitute for diamonds, especially in jewelry like stud earrings and engagement rings. Aquamarine gems make beautiful necklaces and other jewelry. Pair a gemstone with white gold or silver to complement the cool tones of the gem and the silver. It looks equally as well with the warm tones of gold.

When wearing aquamarine jewelry, put it on last and take it off first. This way makeup and other chemicals such as hairsprays won’t damage the stones. Handle them as little as necessary since the natural oils in your hands can dull the luster over time. Don’t expose the stones to any household chemicals and shampoos or hair dyes and don’t wear while doing yard work to keep from breaking the clasp or the gemstone itself. Keep aquamarines out of sunlight and extreme temperatures.

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Wash your stones with mild soap and warm water. Let it soak for less than 10 minutes. Clean the gemstones with a soft cloth. Rinse in clear, warm water and pat dry. Store your aquamarine jewelry in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

Aquamarine is considered a lucky stone, especially in historical times when sailors carried it keep them safe while at sea. It brings peace and calmness to its owner, relieving them of stress and enhancing their intuition. Crystal healers use the stone to balance diseased areas of the body.

Aquamarine is not as delicate as the soft green beryl known as emerald. It is sturdier and has larger carat weights since the crystals are kept fairly large when the stones are mined. It can be found in many areas of the world from United States to Brazil to parts Africa. The largest aquamarine gem ever found was in Brazil, weighing over 110 kg.

Aquamarine may not be the most expensive of the beryl family gems, but it’s still a beautiful stone in any jewelry setting. But no other gem can come close to its soft transparent blue color in a quality stone and it’s unmatched for beauty.

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