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 Beyond Diamonds - Alternative Gemstones for Custom Engagement Rings 

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 ruby gemstone - 

When it comes to bringing out the traditionalist in people, few things can match a marriage. With unwritten rules about dress, places, vehicles, songs, food and drink, as well as speeches and greetings, it can sometimes seem that future bride and groom do not have much room to maneuver to create objects of their own.

However, it's in the small details that matter, and with the beautiful gemstone engagement rings that break the norm, that any couple wanting to avoid the traditional diamond can opt for meaningful wedding jewelry. more personal. .

While red rubies, green emeralds and blue sapphires have always existed, a new generation of gems is making waves and is gaining popularity, thanks to better value for money, the adequacy of certain demographic data or simply aware of their existence and their beauty.

To be or not ruby

All that glitters is not gold, and all that is red must not be rubies. An option little known as an alternative gemstone for engagement rings, red spinel is a lustrous and hard stone that is more profitable than ruby, being actually harder to find.

Instead of scarcity increasing the value of the stone, it has lower prices lower because of a general misunderstanding of its presence in the market and the qualities that it possesses.

A shade of paler red than garnet, the use of red spinel in personalized gemstone engagement rings means that a good-sized, brightly colored hard red stone is available at a price lower than that that many people realize.

Men's jewelry

The stones and alternative colors used in personalized gemstone engagement rings are not exclusive to the bride, with some designs lending them to the male half of the couple.

Less effeminate than the traditional colorless variety, chocolate or brown diamonds can add a touch of subtle sophistication to a men's engagement ring while incorporating a design that can be matched to a partner's room.

Brown diamonds are the most common type in the world and have long been used more in the industry than in jewelery. This has now changed and many of the best men's engagement ring designers with custom gemstones now work with brown diamonds.

A new age of precious stones

While white diamonds, red rubies, green emeralds and blue sapphires have become ubiquitous, curious couples are looking for different stones to incorporate new colors into their personalized gemstone engagement rings.

The peach-toned morganite allows you to create a unique piece that matches the wedding pink of a fairy-tale princess, while the Paraiba tourmaline is a deep blue gemstone reminiscent of the tropical holiday or holiday sea. a honeymoon coming.

Some of the more traditional stones can also bring new modifications to custom-made engagement rings, sapphire being particularly versatile. Although blue is the best known hue, stone is also available in green, purple, pink and brown, which means that it can be associated with a wide variety of themes and wedding outfits.

For couples who want to go beyond traditional diamonds with their personalized gemstone engagement rings, the market is constantly evolving. New stones, colors and trends are finding themselves more and more acceptable in the design of custom wedding jewelry.

Red spinel, chocolate diamonds, pink morganite, Paraiba blue tourmaline and all kinds of sapphires help couples distinguish themselves in their own way.

 Beyond Diamonds - Alternative Gemstones for Custom Engagement Rings 


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