Gemstone Review – Black Spinel – The Underrated Gem – ruby gemstone

Gemstone Review – Black Spinel – The Underrated Gem – ruby gemstone
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Black spinel is a relatively unknown gemstone due to its jet black appearance and rarity. The stone is opaque and is used extensively in jewelry. A more prominent example of the Spinel family is the Red Spinel which bears a striking resemblance to the Ruby because of its shiny Red color. The Black Onyx is often the only remembered Black gemstone that Many people will think first of. However in recent times, it is Black Spinel which has become the most sought after Black gemstone in the world of jewelry today. The gem is one of the most beautiful stones around and when used along with diamonds can give the jewelry a truly breathtaking beauty. Black spinel is also a rare gem as most of it is mined in Thailand where it is referred to as Black Diamond.

Black Spinel is a fairly durable stone with a Mohs rating of 8 so it resists scratches and chips. It is unclear where the stone got its name from however it is widely believed that it has its origins in the Latin word – “spina” which means thorn. This name probably points to the sharp nature of the Spinel crystals.

Black spinel is thought to render a person immune to harm. It can help you enhance your relationships with your near and dear and is also said to console the wearer in times of difficulties and sadness. Spinel is the stone which is most associated with hope, willpower and purpose and can help the wearer overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Spinel is also called the stone of immortality and is thought to prolong the life of the wearer – this has been documented throughout many different cultures across the world. The gem can also bring out the inner beauty of the person who is wearing it and help them achieve things that they previously thought were impossible.

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While natural spinel is never treated, poorer quality stones may be oiled or dyed to improve their appearance. This, however also decreases their value and hence their price. When shopping for Spinel jewelry, be sure to ask the seller if the stone has been treated or is natural as this will greatly affect the cost.

Additionally, you can also find synthetic Spinels in the market which are way cheaper than natural Spinels (treated and untreated). Again, prudence demands that you inspect the gem and as the retailer whether the gem is Natural or Synthetic. Lab created Spinels are extremely good in their approximation of a real Gem and are very hard to detect.

– Black Spinel – The Underrated Gem


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