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Gemstone Review –

Buying Birth Jewelry - Money Saving Tips

 - ruby gemstone
 ruby gemstone - 

You've looked at birth cards and want to buy jewelry. Looking for ways to save money? Many factors contribute to the costs. Some are obvious. Others may not have occurred for you.


Birthstones are precious stones. Some are obviously more expensive than others. The birthstone chart currently in use in the United States contains cheaper alternatives for most months. There are many other lists:

1. Astrological cards use different periods that combine the months.
2. Old historical lists often assign gems to different months and can replace a few different stones.
3, different countries have their own lists.

You can find these different birth charts on many websites.


The term gemstone simply means that the stone has the characteristics necessary for its identity. The quality of the color and clarity affects the price. The inclusion of other materials can impair clarity and reduce value.


Today, many gems are color enhanced. Heat treatment, diffusion, radiation, lubrication and dyeing are ways to improve the color. The gemstone industry assumes that these processes have been used and sellers often do not communicate the information. Ruby, sapphire, topaz, tanzanite, aquamarine, citrine and others are regularly heated. The emerald is oiled. The pearls can be dyed.

Assuming all the qualities are equal, natural colored gems will be the most expensive. Stained stones will be the least expensive.


Precious stones are sold by weight. The larger the stone, the higher the price per carat. For example, a total weight of one carat of several small rubies will cost less than a single ruby. Do not compare the weight of different types of gems. They have different densities. A 1 carat ruby ​​is not the same size as a 1 carat diamond.


When raw materials of precious stones come out of the mine, the highest quality is reserved for cutting loose stones. The lower quality is used for pearls. Why? Because piercing a pearl hole wastes precious weight.

Pearl jewelry can cost less. The difference in quality is not always obvious. High quality pearls are often tiny faceted rondelles. The most precious gems, such as ruby, emerald and sapphire, are rarely turned into large pearls unless they are dyed or contain numerous inclusions. If you want natural-colored birthstones, you can probably find them as pearls at an affordable price.

Synthetic gems or created in the laboratory

They have the same characteristics as natural gems, but not the same inclusions. The process contains similarities with natural creation, but the time and quality are controlled by the man. These high quality stones are expensive, but should cost less than gems extracted from the same quality.

Imitation birth stones

They can be other less expensive gems that are dyed. The howlite is used to mimic turquoise. Glass imitations were popular in the 1940s and 1950s. They were often set in 10k gold rings. You can find them in old or vintage jewelry stores. Prices may vary and may be based on the value to be collected.

Swarovski crystal is a popular substitute as a birthstone. The colors are named after gems. Imitations should cost less than genuine gems.


Pearls are organic gems created by oysters (salt water) or clams (freshwater). Natural pearls found in diving are rare and the most expensive. Today, almost all genuine pearl jewelery is grown on pearl farms. The clam or oyster is brought to create the pearl. The pearls are sorted according to their quality, size and shape. Freshwater pearls of inferior quality can be dyed. These characteristics determine the price.

Imitations are synthetic, usually covered with glass, crystal or plastic. False is a French word for fake and indicates an imitation. Once again, quality will determine the price.

Precious metals

The cost of gold and silver has increased dramatically. They are also sold by weight. Mounts, staples or heavy pearls can increase costs. The different types of metals are sold from top to bottom in this order: 18ct gold, 14ct, 10ct, vermeil (sterling silver), sterling silver, gold plated, gold plated, silver plated, base metals.

Pearl jewelry

Beaded birthstone jewelry has other options for lower prices. Tiny spacing beads reduce the number of birthstone beads needed. They can be silver, gold, inexpensive gemstones or glass beads. Look for other less expensive pearls in the design, or just some birthstones as focal points.


This term can raise the price. Designer jewelry involves talent, experience or design training. In reality, anyone can advertise as a designer. Jewelry with the name of a well known store, a brand, a famous designer or a celebrity can cost more. Endorsements are expensive. If fancy jewelry containing imitation gemstones and base metal is sold in a reputable or high-end luxury clothing store, they may cost more than jewelry with genuine stones sold on a website.

Custom made

Birth jewelry that requires extra time, a new design, the purchase of new or unusual materials can be expensive. Instead, use the seller's existing design by substituting stones or beads in stock.


The number between the mine and the jewelry seller is one of the most important factors in terms of price. An amateur who buys materials from a retail store adds an intermediary. A salesman who designs and makes jewelry and buys pearls or loose stones directly from the cutter eliminates the dispensers. To ask questions. Today, it is easy to buy from jewelry manufacturers. Search their websites. Attend craft fairs or gem shows.


Does the seller have to pay one of the aforementioned overheads? Store, warehouse, office; employees; commercial documents; design, maintenance, website hosting; photography; Advertisement; credit card processing. Buy from a business that is run from a home. Find information on the About Us page.

Jewelry products in mass

Wholesale volume can mean cheap prices. The materials are bought in large quantities. Even handmade items are made by a large number of workers who repeat the same pattern. Usually, jewelry is imported from countries where the workforce is cheap. You can find these jewels in chain stores, major websites, discount stores. Quality can be affected by deadlines, boring repetition or inexpensive building materials. Little or a single jewel can be offered.

Shipping and packing

It is never free. It must be included in overhead or paid as additional cost by the buyer. Actual delivery costs vary. You can check them on the carrier's website if you know the location of the seller. First class mail is not expensive for small and light packages.

If you buy directly in a country where labor costs are low, the savings can be offset by high international shipping. Returning an article would be expensive. Handling costs also vary. Novelty boxes and packaging materials can increase the price.


If you make comparative purchases, be sure to take into account the quality of Birthstone jewelry. Beware of low-cost items that can not be returned easily, worthless warranties, deceptive imitations. If the price is too low to be true, it's probably not a good deal.

Save money, but do it smartly.

Buying Birth Jewelry - Money Saving Tips


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