Gemstone Review – Emerald – The May Birthstone – ruby gemstone

Gemstone Review – Emerald – The May Birthstone – ruby gemstone
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The beautiful deep green emerald is a variety of the mineral beryl and is considered a precious gemstone along with ruby, sapphire and diamond.

Emerald is a highly included stone, which simply means it’s naturally formed with tiny fissures and flaws sometimes referred to as jardin (French for garden). Because inclusions are so prevalent in emeralds, it is by and large assumed by gemologists and the jewelry industry that any natural emerald has been ‘oiled,’ which is a treatment used to enhance clarity. The process involves filling the emerald’s tiny fissures with either a natural oil (usually cedar oil) or a man-made epoxy or resin. It should be pointed out that lab-created/synthetic emeralds are also highly included gemstones: Since lab-created and synthetic gemstones have the same physical and chemical properties as natural gemstones, they are also prone to the same flaws.

There are many meanings and traditions associated with this lovely stone. The emerald represented fertility and rebirth to the ancient Romans, and ancient Egyptians associated the stone with eternal youth. The emerald is also said to have been Cleopatra’s favorite gemstone.

Among its more mystical powers, emerald is said to cure diseases of the eye as well as ward off childhood epilepsy. Other practical uses for emerald according to folklore include wearing one to improve memory, enhance clairvoyance and to sharpen intelligence. As if these properties weren’t bonus enough, emerald is also said to enhance love and contentment.

So there you have it: Improved eyesight, no epileptic fits, improved memory, keener intelligence, ESP, love and contentment. All the gifts that are said to come along with emerald, the May birthstone. As if the gift of own one isn’t enough!

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– Emerald – The May Birthstone


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