Gemstone Review – Faceting Rough – ruby gemstone

Gemstone Review – Faceting Rough – ruby gemstone
ruby gemstone –

If you are lucky enough to own a faceting machine and enjoy lapidary either as a hobby or profession then the chances are that you’ll be looking for some good quality faceting rough to cut into faceted gems. There are a huge number of choices of different types of gemstones which can be successfully used for faceting.

Obviously you’ll be looking for transparent gemstones so you can really show off the gemstones brilliance once cut. Then you’ll need to decide if you want to cut a colorless transparent gemstone such as raw diamonds or colored gems such as emeralds and rubies. A good gemstone to start off faceting is rock crystal as it’s is possible to buy very inexpensive large chunks of clear rock crystal that can be faceted into brilliant cut faceted stones for practice.

Other inexpensive semi precious stones which are also good for faceting rough are amethyst and citrine. These are also members of the quartz family so inexpensive but also very attractive.

Once you have a certain level of expertise then its tome to start faceting precious stones. Raw emeralds and raw rubies are very popular for faceting as they make attractive and valuable gemstones once cut. Raw emerald in good quality is quite easy to come by.

Other stones which make good faceting rough are members of the topaz family, aquamarine and tourmaline. Also remember that synthetic gemstones can also be a good option for faceting rough, such as synthetic spinel, which is often used to facet gemstones for jewellery.

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Choosing faceting rough requires skill and experience. It is necessary to examine the raw stone from as many angles as possible to view inside the gem. Sometimes it is even worth cutting and polishing an edge into the rough to look inside properly to see what inclusions or color variations are inside the rough stone.

If you are in doubt about the quality or authenticity of your rough gemstone then it is a good idea to take your gem along to a qualified gemologist who can give you a full appraisal of the rough stone using their gemological instruments.

Faceted Gemstone make wonderful jewellery and a faceted gemstone will always have a higher perceived value than that of other cut stones such as cabochons so the extra time required to facet a gemstone is worthwhile. Choosing your rough is also very important to making the best possible finished piece of jewelry.

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