Gemstone Review – Gemstone's Role in Astrology – ruby gemstone

Gemstone Review – Gemstone's Role in Astrology – ruby gemstone
ruby gemstone –

Gemstones play an important role in astrology. Especially in Indian astrology gemstones have a highly elevated position. It is common knowledge that astrology of any region takes a note of the planetary positioning and the movement of other astrological masses. The gemstones are believed to have an influence upon the planets and their powers. When there is a particular planetary alignment that is bothering someone a particular gemstone can be worn to make the planetary alignment work for you or at best negate the bad effects that they seem to have been causing to you. Choosing gemstones is done with meticulous detailing. There are many different aspects to Indian astrology and the gemstones need to be chosen in accordance with these details. There are a total of five ways of determining the different ways in which the gemstones can be chosen for use.

• Based on the moon sign of the individual a gemstone can be chosen this is more general as the gemstone for everyone associated to that particular moon sign will be the same.

• There is another method that helps choose the gemstone that is choosing the gemstone according to the 'nakshatra'. The nakshatra is the birth constellation of the person, the constellation under which he / she was born.

• The third method calculates the gemstone according to the ascendant or the rising sun.

• There is yet another method of choosing a gemstone based on personal preference. The person who needs to initiate particular planets effects onto him can wear the gemstone that refers to that particular planet and then enjoy the benefits.

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• The fifth method of choosing the Gemstones is by far the most important and most specific. In this method one need to find out what are the different planets that are causing havoc in your planetary alignment and then the correct gemstone will be chosen as an antidote to it.

Different planets have different gemstones that correspond to them. Like the red rubies are the gemstones for sun and the gemstone for moon is moonstone and pearls. These two gemstones are extensely used to counteract the effects of sun and moon respectively. Moon is the planet that makes you healthy and more industrious, so if there are certain problems that are related to your health then it will be suggested that you use moonstone to make sure that you stay healthy all the while. The other gemstones for the other 'grahas' or planets as they are known are:

Jupiter needs yellow sapphire or other yellow gemstones and white sapphire to tame it. A tame Jupiter will be the magnet for health and wealth. 'Rahu' is another planet which finds its place in the 'navgrahas' that dictate the planetary alignment and it has gemstones like hessonite, spessertite, zircon to work for it. Mercury has gemstones that are emerald, peridot, tourmaline, diopside, green jade. Tame mercury will bring in education and intellect. The other planets are venus, Saturn, ketu and mars these planets have gemstones that are diamonds, blue sapphire, chrysoberyl and red ocher.

– Gemstone's Role in Astrology


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