Gemstone Review – Precious stones and types – meaning, benefits, procedure for recovery and healing of precious stones – ruby gemstone

Gemstone Review –

Precious stones and types - meaning, benefits, procedure for recovery and healing of precious stones

 - ruby gemstone
 ruby gemstone - 

A gemstone is a piece of mineral that is crystallized; it is used to make different types of jewelry and jewelery. These are rather popular and evolving gems that people like to wear. Most gems, a long collection of healing powers and magical powers are used to heal or help the lives of people in general. They are expensive and are only worn by one person if suggested by an astrologer. Astrology has many traits of this kind, it is believed that every born person has a particular agenda already committed to his life. It will end according to the agenda. It is thought that this calendar has been affected by the time, day and date of birth. Gemstones are considered beautiful, rare and durable. In fact, they are also distinguished by other types of parameters.

A gemstone is considered a perfect jewel if the four C's are cut, their color, sharpness and carat are as expected. Speaking of gemstones, there are about 200 types of gemstones, but according to astrology, some of these 200 are valuable and occupy an important place in gemology. Different jewels have different effects on the person wearing it. Some gems bring calm while others bring luck, while others begin a healing process in the wearer. It all depends on your planetary system at the time of birth. Precious stones are of all colors of the rainbow and come from all over the world. Each gemstone has a unique creation of beautiful colors. Some gems have been preserved before history and some have only recently been discovered.

Here is a brief explanation on the properties of gemstones and their effects on the user or wearer:

Ruby: Ruby is one of the gems loved in the world of jewelry. It is the traditional birthstone of people born in July. The factors that affect the ruby ​​are its color, size, carat and clarity for all precious stones. The advantage of Ruby is that he reflects the power and that the wearer will have confidence in him. In addition, it is said that ruby ​​improves the decision-making ability.

Natural Pearl: Natural pearls are exquisite, incredibly expensive and typically small. As a result, people have urbanized pearl cultivation methods so that everyone can enjoy these gems. According to Vedic astrology, the pearl is this precious stone used to strengthen the power of the moon.

Red coral: The coral bears the rather charming nickname of "Sea's Garden" in part because it was considered a plant. When working with the energy of the ocean, this crystal flourishes and protects from harmful influences. Red is considered the most loved color, but it can also be found in pink, white, yellow and black.

Emerald: The emerald is the sacred stone of the goddess Venus. It has been thought to preserve adoration. The emerald has long been the symbol of hope. It is said that emerald brings to the user the reason and the wisdom. The advantages of Emerald reward the holder with success, calm and many other things.

Yellow sapphire: A yellow sapphire is extremely bright and can give different colors from different angles. The planet Jupiter has mostly rules and it is believed that wearing yellow sapphire is good for success and that it is extremely helpful in healing relationships.

White Sapphire: A gemstone very rarely found, the white sapphire would be associated with the planet Uranus. White sapphire benefits its wearer of luxury and wealth. They are white as completely colorless precious stones and of a unique beauty. It is mainly worn by businessmen and professionals on the small or the major.

Sapphire blue: Blue sapphire is an excellent jewel for Rashi Aquarius / Capricorn. This is the lucky stone for the month of September. Business people, law, transportation tend to wear this gemstone for various benefits of blue sapphire such as success, trust, and so on.

Hessonite: Hessonite is a precious stone of the family of garnets with grossularite. It has shades of color ranging from yellow to brown to reddish brown. This gemstone is the gem of the planet Rahu according to Vedic Astrology. It is worn by an Aquarian and is considered the birthstone of the month of January.

Cat's eye: The gemstone cat's eye is a unique jewel and its powers and metaphysical properties have always fascinated human beings. According to Vedic astrology, the cat's eye is the gem of the planet Ketu or the southern node of the moon. It is a gem with intense planetary energies and produces effects quite quickly.

Here are some of the most famous and important gems. They are precious by nature and therefore rare and expensive. Some of these gems may be replaced by some Uparatana or alternatives to the gemstone. These alternatives are available, but it is recommended that any purchase or bearing of these gems be advised only by a professional astrologer, because wearing any combination or wearing a gem of the wrong finger can cause bearer evil problems. It's simple, in fact, all you have to do is talk to a professional astrologer, buy the specific gem and discover the results for yourself.

Precious stones and types - meaning, benefits, procedure for recovery and healing of precious stones


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