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Gemstone Review –

Precious stones created: would a jeweler buy them?

 - ruby gemstone
 ruby gemstone - 

Sometimes on a website you will see the letters "cr" or the word created next to a gemstone. So when you look at the description of the article, you will see: 2 x rubies, where you will see: Two rubies created. This can be very misleading and sometimes I suspect it intentionally.

What this tells you is that the gems you buy are not natural stones, but man-made synthetic stones, usually grown in a laboratory. They may have other descriptions that vary a little, but essentially say the same thing, that they are artificial stones.
To use the opal as an example, even if it applies to rubies, diamonds, sapphires and most other precious stones, you can see: lab opal, opal imitation, synthetic opal, opal synthesized and created or crop.

What is the price difference between natural stones and natural stones created?

In most cases, gems created are much cheaper than natural stones. After all, scientists probably had some benefits in mind at the beginning of the exercise. The goal was to create gems cheaper and better quality than reality. However, some stones created are much more expensive than some natural stones of poor quality.

How does the quality compare?

Well, if you buy a ruby ​​or an emerald for $ 30,000, you really want what you want and you can obviously afford it. You would never be happy to pay $ 30,000 for a stone created, no matter how good it is.

But what do you think about paying $ 200 for a dull, lifeless ruby ​​that looks like a piece of glass bottle washed up on the beach? What if, for $ 200, you could get an absolutely gorgeous big ruby ​​created that your friends would want to watch?

Nature simply creates stones without worrying about the gemstone market, but laboratory scientists create them specifically for the market, so as not to commit chess and, as a result, their quality is generally extremely good.

As a jeweler, I have the choice. I can pay $ 1,500 for a ruby ​​and make it a great gem for my wife or one of my three daughters, or I can give them the same gem with a created ruby ​​that costs me $ 120 and I can leave on vacation Hawaii! If you want to know what I would do, I'll talk to you when I get back!

Precious stones created: would a jeweler buy them?


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