Gemstone Review – Rubies – The Ratnaraj – ruby gemstone price

Gemstone Review – Rubies – The Ratnaraj – ruby gemstone price
ruby gemstone price –

Rubies are a bright colored gemstone, which have been crowned as the ‘ratnaraj’. The word ‘Ratnaraj’ has been derived from Sanskrit and literally means ‘king of stones’. A ruby is available in pink to blood-red color, which looks vibrant and goes well with almost any dress. The red color of a ruby is due to the presence chromium. Read on to find out more about rubies.

The word ruby comes from the Latin word ‘ruber’, which means red. A ruby is categorized as one of the four most precious stones including diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires. The prize of rubies varies depending upon a number of factors. The first thing that affects the cost of a ruby is its color. The brighter the red color is, the more valuable the ruby will be.

Other factors that affect the price of rubies are the clarity of the stone, its transparency, its cut, and the shape of the stone. The better these things are, the costlier the ruby will be. Also, as you increase the carat of the ruby, which is actually the weight of the stone, the more you will have to pay for it. Whenever you look for genuine rubies, it is essential to check if the stone has been altered in a laboratory. Any stone that has been worked on by oil or heat has to have a tag saying ‘cultured’. These cultured stones are quite cheaper as compared to natural ones.

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Rubies have been a favorite gemstone since ancient times. It has always been close to a woman’s heart just because of its red color. The color of the ruby represents love, romance, passion, desire, and courage. Jewelry items embedded with rubies look good on almost on occasions. Be it a formal party or a wedding, one can easily wear ruby jewelry. Moreover, owing to its color it goes well with the entire wardrobe. You do not have to find a matching dress to go along with your ruby jewelry.

You can easily buy rubies from any of your local jeweler or from an online store. Some people prefer to buy ready-made gemstone jewelry whereas some prefer to buy loose rubies and customize their own jewelry. Depending upon your choice and liking, you can go for either of the options. However, it is essential to get appraisal certificate for any gemstone you buy from a jeweler – be it loose or otherwise. Buying rubies is like making an expensive investment; be careful in doing so.

– Rubies – The Ratnaraj


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