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Gemstone Review –

Ruby Zoisite Beads - Make jewelry good for love!

 - ruby gemstone
 ruby gemstone - 

What is Zoisite ruby?

The gemstone, also known as the Anyolite, is a beautiful natural blend of rubies and Tanzanite-type stone called zoisite - first discovered in 1805 in Austria. The combination gives a magical whirlwind of shades of pink to magenta red and brilliant green turf. Although once rare, gemstone has gained popularity after being marketed by Tiffany Jewelers, and most used today comes from Africa.

Creative gemstone

Ruby Zoisite is a creative stone, its energy comes from red and green colors. In the Hindu chakra system, red refers to creativity and sexuality, and green to healing, balance, and abundance. Zoisite stabilizes the energy in our head to allow ideas to surface and thus begin to take effect.

Properties of zoisite ruby

The gemstone is believed to release powerful energy to awaken psychic ability, and ruby ​​alone is associated with passion. Together, they can arouse anger and amplify emotions to create a sense of happiness. Zoisite reduces this effect. Its green cools and stabilizes - reducing the overwhelming passion, making it good for everything that concerns the heart.

This balance makes the gemstone ideal for healing a broken heart and reducing obsessive feelings towards another person. It speeds up the connection between the brain and the heart and produces positive feelings.

Some say that it's good for fertility, impotence and frigidity because it increases the sexual feeling. We also think about strengthening the immune system and encouraging people to work harder, to be more creative and to understand and understand themselves and the rest of the world.

Witches and novices even attach zoisite to their magic wands for magical powers! They believe that the wand will channel the energy used in the massages and thus amplify the healing effect.

Zoisite Ruby Jewelry

If you're designing jewelry, try making rings, earrings, and pendants for necklaces. Faceted gemstone always looks expensive, and matching sets in heart-shaped boxes will sell well. Because the gemstone is quite expensive, use it sparingly and understand that each pearl or cabochon is a different color combination.

The gemstone works particularly well as a pendant on a necklace. Because of its interesting and attractive colors, and because worn near the chest, its energy flows easily throughout the body. Try to look for a teardrop-shaped ruby ​​zoisite that is ideal for this.

Zoisite ruby ​​blends well with similar colored stones, such as tanzanite, bloodstones and other dark gems. Gaspeite green also combines well to produce unusual distinctive jewels.

Ruby Zoisite Beads - Make jewelry good for love!


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