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Rubylite Jewelry on the Internet - What is it?

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 ruby gemstone - 

Obviously, rubylite is a red or pink gemstone. But what precious stone? Historical information or properties can not be found in books or websites created by gemologists. Contradictory descriptions and definitions are given by the websites that sell it.


Stones, rings and necklaces with expensive rubylite pendants are sometimes listed on websites such as rubies. Ruby is the name of the red corundum variety. Other colors of corundum are sapphires. The pink corundum could be called a pink ruby ​​or a pink sapphire. Both are expensive and well known gems. Why would a seller choose to call either a rubylite?


Tourmaline is also mentioned in the name or description of rubylite. Rubellite is the accepted name for a pink or red tourmaline. It is also called simply pink tourmaline. A high quality dark pink red rubellite tourmaline is expensive, but it is not as well known as ruby.


Some sellers add garnet to the name or description of rubylite. There are many names for different kinds of garnets. The pink or red rose variety is known as rhodolite. It is more expensive than some of the most common red garnets, but does not have the same value as a beautiful ruby.


Sellers of gemstone beads and pearl jewelry also use rubylite. They sometimes identify it as dyed quartz. Pearls appear to be lighter colors than loose and crimped rubylite. They are pink or pink, not red. These jewels are listed at lower prices. There is an artificial quartz called ruby, but it has a different appearance of rubylite beads.


Other rubylite beads are defined as dyed jade. They look a lot like pearls marketed as ruby ​​jade. They are dyed a dark red color. This color does not seem to be the same as any of the other stones listed as rubylite.

Most websites do not contain any information to identify the rubylite that they sell. The supplier has probably not offered any.

Trade name

Rubylite is a trade name. What is a gemstone trade name? It is a name given to distinguish a particular quality or variety, or to increase the value. When the name of a gemstone more valuable or more popular is included in the trade name, it is an attempt to increase the value. In this case, it is obviously ruby. The customer can:

1. Suppose stone is a variety of rubies.

2. Compare this more expensive ruby ​​stone mentally and decide that the price of rubylite is a good deal.

Is rubylite used as a trade name for all these precious stones? Why is there so much confusion about rubylite? Precious stones pass through many hands between the mine and the consumer. Any intermediary seller may add the business name or omit valuable information. The information may be verbal and often not given unless requested. The interpretation of the language can also create a misunderstanding. The seller of the website may have added the business name; may have added an incorrect identity or may have access to any other information than the trade name.


Rubylite is a beautiful gemstone. If you buy it, pay what you are willing to spend solely on the beauty of the stone. If the price is high, have the stone's identity certified by a reliable gemologist.

Rubylite Jewelry on the Internet - What is it?


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