Gemstone Review – The Biggest Gems in the World – ruby gemstone

Gemstone Review – The Biggest Gems in the World – ruby gemstone
ruby gemstone –

Imagine having a diamond the size of your fist, or a ruby bigger than a baseball! The biggest gems in the world are legendary for their size, weight, and value. Some are intact and others have been cut and polished or broken into smaller stones. While no one will likely be using them to make new custom jewelry, these gems are unique and have fascinating histories.

The Cullinan Diamond

Many people believe that the Hope Diamond is the largest diamond in the world. However, the biggest gem-quality diamond that has been found to date is the Cullinan Diamond. Also known as the “Great Star of Africa,” this astounding diamond was found in South Africa in 1905 by a miner named Thomas Powell. It weighed in at 3,106.75 carats. It was bought by the Transvaal government and given to King Edward VII as a birthday gift. Edward had the Cullinan split and cut into 9 smaller stones. The largest of these stones, the Cullinan I, is 530.2 carats and is set into the head of the Sceptre with the Cross, a scepter of the British Crown Jewels.

Although custom jewelry shops don’t possess any of these pieces, you can find a plethora of other beautiful, dazzling diamonds in Canada that are ideal for custom jewelry.

The 125West Ruby

Weighing in at 8.2 pounds or 18,696 carats, this natural rough ruby crystal is still uncut: no custom jewelry has been created from it as with the Cullinan Diamond and England’s Crown Jewels. It measures 122.4mm x 112.3mm x 133.9mm. The 125West Ruby is semi-translucent to opaque. The origin of this ruby is not known. If this gemstone were to be carved, it would also be the largest carved ruby in the world. An interesting fact about rubies: they are the second hardest mineral in the world, with diamonds being the first.

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The 125West Ruby is currently for sale and would definitely produce many amazing stones for crafting custom jewelry. Its estimated value is currently unknown.

The Gachala Emerald

In early 2012, a 57,000 carat emerald was found and shipped all the way from South America for Jeff Nechka at Premier Gems to appraise!Check out the story here.

Discovered in 1967 in the Vega de San Juan mine in Gachala, Colombia, this breathtaking emerald has an intense green hue. It weighs 858 carats or 172 grams and measures 5 centimeters. At some point not long after it was discovered it was acquired by world-famous New York jeweler Harry Winston. Instead of cutting the stone for custom jewelry, Winston donated it in 1969 to the Smithsonian Institution. It remains part of the Smithsonian’s permanent collection to this day. The deep green hue of an emerald combined with the hardness of the gem makes it ideal for custom jewelry creations, so if you have the opportunity to buy this one day, do it!

The Millennium Sapphire

This stunning sapphire was discovered in Madagascar in 1995. It weighs an astounding 61,500 carats and is valued at an estimated $90-500 million dollars. The Millennium Sapphire was originally owned by a consortium led by Daniel McKinney. Instead of breaking the enormous stone into smaller pieces, he began the Millennium Sapphire project and hired world-famous artist Alessio Boschi to design the carving. In 2001 the Guinness Book of World Records issued a certificate naming the Millennium as the largest carved sapphire in the world.

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This sapphire may someday be sold; whether or not it will be kept as one carved piece or cut into smaller pieces is impossible to say. Meanwhile, if you are searching for beautiful custom jewelry made with sapphires, there are many other brilliant stones available.

The passion for gemstones dates back for centuries. From the early Greeks through the medieval ages to modern times, polished, gleaming gems have elicited fascination and desire. Custom jewelry offers many unique ideas for exquisite rings, necklaces, and other elegant accessories. When you want a one-of-a-kind piece to showcase your sense of luxurious style, custom jewelry offers you this and much more.

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