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Gemstone Review –

 The power of precious stones - Heal 101 

 - ruby gemstone
 ruby gemstone - 

Ruby stones with Ruby gemstones are becoming the last fade of Bling! Everyone loves to shine and shine by giving you power and confidence in your social networks! Do you remember the first diamond you've ever seen? Remember that your stomach has returned and your face has glowed just to see it ... when you placed it on your neck, you felt even more confident ... special ... and just happy to see him shine on you!

Even at the time, you knew that they were special! Distributors of these products knew they were special too! Now precious stones are even more valuable than before ... yes, doctors in alternative medicine and some doctors in modern medicine see gemstones in a whole new light! They are discovering more and more evidence that gemstones have the ability to heal! So, more excuses to buy the gorgeous necklace or bracelet that you saw in the jewelers showcase last week. The perfect reason is already on your lap!

Many fashion enthusiasts cover Bling in all areas, Bling inviting salons everywhere and now, they are much more than a fashion statement that they are a breakthrough in the medical field. Although they now have a medical purpose, they have treated many patients for centuries!

Doctors in the field of alternative medicine, acupuncturists and complementary health practitioners have learned that gemstone treatment is a legitimate and recognizable medicine! That the beautiful pieces we admire regularly also have an added value! Recognized as an energetic drug, it's the cutting-edge treatment of modern medicine! Although many doctors in modern medicine remain skeptical, people are still tired of drugs and ineffective therapies that have harmful side effects! What a side effect ... glamorous! There are many professional athletes who use gemstone methods to improve their game and their healing!

Such as:

Athlete Glenn Christiansen- This Olympic record holder from Sweden; said that he recommended the green tourmaline necklace to other athletes. He also said that the collar gave him strength and helped him recover from his workouts faster!

Gemstones are known to help athletes who play sports such as:

  • To swim
  • Ride a bike
  • Tri-Athletes
  • And even marathon runners

Gems also help actors and actresses like Uma Thurman, Halley Barry and even television actress Bonnie Hunt, who reportedly said "feel calmer" when she wears a mother-of-pearl necklace. Although most of us do not shine on the red carpet, we can feel it with a gemstone treatment.

The treatment of precious stones is becoming more and more common. Many people find emotional, spiritual and physical healing. The author's book, Michael Katz, "Gemstone Energy Medicine," explains in more detail how the interconnection of the human energy field is performed by the energy released by the gems. It is not only a question of healing the interjected energy fields, but of transforming it!

Currently, many doctors and practitioners of alternative medicine realize how valuable gemstone therapy can be in some places, compared to conventional medicine. In the end, the decision to use a gemstone therapy is your responsibility, it definitely changes the vision of alternative medicine in this century!

 The power of precious stones - Heal 101 


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