Gemstone Review – The Style and Symbolism of an Eternity Ring – ruby gemstone price

Gemstone Review – The Style and Symbolism of an Eternity Ring – ruby gemstone price
ruby gemstone price –

As an important piece of jewelry, the eternity ring possesses a unique design wherein an array of precious stones cut in the same shape and size cover the band’s whole circumference. Not one of the stones is set above the rest. Though a wedding band made from gold or platinum has the same effect of continuity, the addition of precious stones, specifically diamonds strengthens the symbolism of an eternity ring. Traditionally, a husband gives this type of ring to his wife as further validation of their marriage after the birth of their first born, but through the years, there have been many examples of using this ring as an anniversary gift between spouses.

Aside from spouses giving eternity rings with each other during their anniversary or after their first child was born, couples also see the style of this ring as symbolic of a marriage that is binding for all eternity. And so, they’d often choose an eternity ring as a wedding ring rather than just a present given to the woman. The full style has precious stones all the way round, which would make it more expensive than other styles. The size of the ring also determines the number of stones used, and therefore, its price.

Many eternity rings use different gemstones to spell out a word or name. For example, D-E-A-R-E-S-T would have a diamond, emerald, amethyst, ruby, emerald, sapphire, and topaz in sequence. Because the stones would be smaller, the carat for each would be lighter, too, but there are five-carat diamonds available when the customer wants them so. Making the gems any bigger would be uncomfortable for the woman to wear.

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The channel setting of the ring is much safer and more comfortable to wear than the bar setting. Between two strips of metal placed above and below, the stones are held in place and inner metal is smoother against the finger. In contrast, the bar consists of metal pieces between the gems holding them in place aside from the band of metal covering them above and below. Though prongs are rare in an eternity ring, there are certain cuts of stone that must be positioned using metal prongs.

How it was worn or when it was given depends entirely on the couple. In Ireland, tradition calls for an eternity ring when the first child is born or during the first wedding anniversary. In other cultures, the ring is given on the thirtieth anniversary or as a wedding band. Of course, it’s worn on the fourth finger of the left hand to symbolize a direct connection to the heart. The Egyptians believed that the vena amoris begins from this finger and travels directly to the heart.

– The Style and Symbolism of an Eternity Ring


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