Ruby and her 35 sisters in ABCDEFG

Ruby and her 35 sisters in ABCDEFG

[Intro] It's time for…… A Battle Concerning Delightfully Exciting FIne Gems! (ABCDEFG) Round 1 Non-gemstones are DISQUALIFIED! Announcer: Poo, you're out. Well, I may be the first kicked off of ABCDEFG but I want you to remember that while of you take the millions of years to form within rocks, I take only days to form within quadrillions of living organisms! Announcer: Obsidiah, Glass, Amber, Lapid Lazuli, PEarl, Ivory, Coral and Ammolite, although you guys are considered gemstones, you techinally are not true gemstones because you aren't crystal minerals. So GOODBYE! Final 27 No BFDI(A) characters allowed! Announcer: Ruby, you're out.

Pshh! Whatever, losers! BFDIA is so much better than ABCDEFG I'm actually glad to be gone. No more wasting my time! Announcer: Diamond. Gold and Emerald, you three have been recommended characters! So sorry. Round 3: Here, on ABCDEFG, we don't like boringness A name ending with "-ite" is so overused that it results in an insant elimination! Seriously, gemmies you have no one to blame but yourself.

Final 15 Round 4: A perfect gemstone must have a dazzling color. So Feldspar and Quartz, you two must leave now. Round 5: The watchers of ABCDEFG have very short attention spans. The winner of ABCDEFG must have a short name so fans can remember it! Nine letters is too many.

Goodbye, Turquoise Aquamarine, Kornerupine and Chrysoberyl. Final 9 If your gem made it this far, you are amazing! Round 6: A good gemstone should also be a BIRTHSTONE. These two gems need to leave. That's better.

Final 7 Sole survivor wins! Omg what's with the gravity? Garnet is out! Six gems left! Topaz is out! Five gems left! Jasper is out! Four gems left! Peridot is out! Three gems left! Opal is out! Two gems left! Sapphire is out! AMETHYST WINS! Wow, that was an extreme battle! Amethyst wins ABCDEFG! -_- Amethyst dies..

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