Steven Universe S5 Ep 19-23 (Heart of the Crystal Gems)

Steven Universe S5 Ep 19-23 (Heart of the Crystal Gems)

We are the crystal gems we'll always save the day and you think we can't We'll always find a way That's why the people of this world, believe in Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl And Steven! Let me give this straight rose quartz leader of the crystal gems Stephens mom Was actually pink diamond She faked her own shattering and reformed to be rose all the time pink diamonds final command to need was that no one could know But now that Stephen does I can finally tell you all everything Yeah, I mean I ain't lyin a pink sword and now pink diamonds, huh? If you told me Rosen that the cotton candy, I believe it red garnet, huh garnet She she She held our hands looked us right in the eyes and told us to never question who we are as garnet We never questioned ourselves or her we couldn't have known You couldn't have known you never know what's going on. That's what I'm for. So fine, but I never looked into her I. Trusted her.

I let her make fools of us all we Just take home and talk about this right. Let's just talk talk about what How our relationship is based on a lie, what else is there to say? Ruby I'm so sorry. Come on Pearl help me explain everything to sapphire, right? Sit tight Ruby we'll go and get sapphire. Okay Maybe she's here Sapphire Everything we were running from She was right there all along using us for her little war smiling at us with those knowing eyes Making me believe in a better future that I couldn't see because it wasn't real I know here we are our friends shattered and Corrupted of course.

She was a diamond but a long road she took to torture us like this It wasn't like that. You know, she didn't want anyone to get hurt I don't know that I clearly don't know anything. You deserve to know everything I was given two pink diamond just a few thousand years before she was given the earth. I.

Was supposed to make her happy I just Never could Could you imagine that running a colony would be this dull I could imagine it if you would like me to my diamond Show me the status of the prime kindergarten. Yes, my diamond The first court soldiers are due to emerge soon Oh Finally something exciting Hurry we've got to see this Quickly turn it on. Yes my diamond. Look at this pearl.

We're creating life from nothing Welcome to earth I. Wish I could just be there I'll have us warped into the kindergarten at once my diamond what what no, no if I went down to the kindergarten I would never hear the end of it from yellow and blue Oh, but could you imagine me down there laughing and playing with the amethyst? Of course, I can my timeand You look so happy. I won't be so happy when blue and yellow find out they won't find out. How's that? Because You look just like a quartz you changed your shape for a day that's brilliant pearl, I'm glad I was able to help my died Down here In there and check it out.

Oh No, I'm so sorry these amethyst cards can be so rude But pearl don't you see what's happening? Huh? We're actually Here and I am fitting right in None of that dumb salute. Thank you so much for talking me into this. I couldn't have done this on my own. Uh You're welcome.

My diamonds. Yes pearl. You're gonna get us in trouble. Sorry my quartz Hey fellow amethyst guards, what are we all up to? There's two more from our unit that have an emerged yet So we're gonna wait for them Wow look at you Welcome to earth That is the first and nicest thing anyone has ever said to me what's going on here? Our orders were to move out as soon as you emerged 8xn hasn't emerged yet.

She can catch up with us later. Go go go My diamond, please let's not draw any more attention to ourselves than we already have Oh, you're right, but things were getting really fun What if we took some time to explore some of Earth's other features Oh pearl you're so smart So it was all just so she could get out and have some fun. Well, that's how it started So, this is Earth And this is just a small portion of the resources available for making gems on this planet, I have to see it all Is everything all right my Dimond you seem troubled all this life that's been growing wild here on earth None of it will survive my invasion. We're not creating life from nothing We're taking life and leaving nothing behind Forgive me my diamonds I shouldn't have brought you to such a place.

No, I needed to see this So she did want to protect earth she didn't realize what the colony was doing to the planet So what she suddenly started to care about Earth? Why did she have to rope us into all this? Why couldn't she just stop the colonization herself she tried when she told the other diamonds She didn't want to go through with the colony. They told her to finish what she started When she told the other diamonds she wanted to preserve life on Earth They created the zoo and through a handful of humans in she did everything she could as pink diamond But her status meant nothing to blue in yellow So she decided to make a stand as someone they couldn't ignore she was going to scare every gem off the planet but everything changed when she saw your fusion I. Still can't believe it only on earth don't you think only on earth where anything can happen a Fusion of two completely different gems can all gems do that how I never heard of this I've only ever heard that it's unheard of can you imagine what that must feel? I thought if a ruby and a sapphire, but you're a diamond forgive me. What am I doing? I I need to be replaced immediately No but I've been imagining things even when you haven't asked me to I.

Imagine that I ran away and met you here on earth The rose quartz, and I'm not yours, but I make you so happy anyway, isn't that ridiculous? Tell me to stop Please don't ever stop This is very not allowed that Fusion we never should have left her there with blue. Who knows what sort of horrible punishment. Ah We didn't mean to fuse well, well we did this time we don't use will No, no, please I'm glad to see you again Before garnet Rose was only fighting for Earth but garnet changed everything Rose wanted to fight for her she wanted to fight for gems but maybe she was foolish and maybe even Selfish, but but she was following us This whole time. We thought we were following her, but she was following us How could she not after you swept her off her feet? What me.

Are you kidding? You took her on this whirlwind tour of Earth? And then she wanted to live here with you forever That's just how I felt when I came here with me we have to get back right away Ruby I'm so sorry where Ruby I'm so sorry, huh? Sapphire you were right. I need some time to think so I'm running away Ruby this can't be happening Oh Ruby I'm so sorry you left before I could take back all the horrible things. I said to you Well amethyst was with her right maybe she knows where she went Amethyst have you seen Ruby? Yeah, I seen her, huh. She hasn't even been in payroll.

I know Because she ran away Did you see where she went? I don't know. Maybe she'll come back Some odd jobs a babysitter. Hey, Steven get over here. I'm nita blare – Hold on a second.

Amethyst. Do you see her coming back and your future vision sapphire? Oh, oh maybe but she's wonderful and Spontaneous no idea what she could why would she be your cowboy? There there it's going to be okay she's going to come back she's got to come back if she doesn't then then there would be no more garnet and What on earth would we do without garnet? I don't know you are incredible together. It can't be over Why don't you to take all this into the temple Steven and I are gonna play some video games. No.

No, it's okay. Don't worry sapphire I'm gonna go out and find Ruby what I'll be right back with her in no time Steven wait up. I. Don't think Ruby used the warp pad she said she was running away not warping away and she's usually pretty literal We just need to figure out which direction she ran.

So how do we do that? Let's try putting ourselves in Ruby's shoes Hey now, uh amethyst be serious She could only have gone in one of two directions either into town or into the ocean Okay, so she wasn't underwater Ruby Ruby Ruby I really don't think she's hiding under a seashell maybe Ruby shape-shifted really small you never know What a spacious house keeping Amethyst, you know, I love these great goofs, but I'm worried about Ruby you stop messing around and turn back to normal You're in the bath We need to think where would we be going she ran away it's there anyone in town that she knows Doesn't look like she's here dead ends, huh? We've just got to keep looking She's not an ear either This is where I'd go if I was feeling down pizza always cheers me up So why don't we get some but we haven't found Ruby yet Steven, it's cool. You wanna help Ruby, but what about you? Come on, let's forget about Ruby for a moment and get some pizza. I'm not hungry Maybe I'm a little hungry Here's your pizza, let's literally all the toppings. Yeah Oh In here you're gonna need these Thanks, yeah.

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Thanks, man. You're welcome So Pink diamonds, huh? Yeah Wow rose quartz Hey Mm-hmm so all this time he thought Rose was this rebel leader, but she was just rebelling against herself apparently and the diamond that rose supposedly shattered, I mean You've got it. It's right there under your shirt Yeah So how you feeling I? Feel confused I. Thought I'd really finally got it.

Then mom didn't have everything figured out even though everyone put her way up on his pedestal but now I guess she's royalty – Mm-hmm-hmm Believed that she didn't shatter anyone, but she lied everyone. I mean, I'm not surprised I knew she was a liar. This is just So much but like Aren't you mad? Kind of I don't know I can see how she was good and bad and bad and good But I guess what really matters right now is how hard garnet took it, but what about you? She's your mom You were always under all this pressure to be like her but was she even like her was anyone ever like her? She was supposed to be so great. She was supposed to know everything but she was supposed to make everything better It's not fair.

We shouldn't have to deal with any of this. We shouldn't have to fix any this we were around for stupid war This is everyone else's problem This is nothing to do with me And you that this has nothing to do with you Amethyst, hold on a second. Are you okay? No, I mean yes, of course. I'm okay.

Oh I'm trying to find out how you feel about all this Your mom. Okay doesn't really affect me Dude Kiki, I just got the biggest tip from mr. Universe and I'm totally gonna buy those boots now whoa, seriously Yeah, he was like all the way out on brooding Hill which is totally out of our delivery radius comforting some little friend She must have been crying cuz she was like really red. Ruby Let me handle this Steven.

No are dult should be putting anything else on you. Just let someone else take care of it for once amethyst weighs There's someone else who needs help even more and it's you My back dude talk to me Literally inside my head Hey amethyst What a lie feels David I thought I was pretty clear about that I thought I was pretty clear too I feel like I don't want to say what about me? Okay, and I don't want to be bent out of shape I don't want to be stuck in the past and I'm not responsible for what rosed it. None of us Are you not pearl and not garnet but I am responsible for me And right now I am NOT gonna dump another thousand-year-old complex on you or anybody else. I've ended it right here I am ding dong Sunshine future your friends forever And I'm not gonna fall apart on you Amethyst so Steven, how do you feel? Pretty good Good Have you been trying to cheer me up this whole time? Yes Jesus don't you know, you deserve it great person Hey amethyst what I.

Can't believe I'm going to say this, but I think you're officially the most mature crystal gem No Rose, that's what this is, isn't it? Yeah pretty much now Still wanna find Ruby. Yeah. All right. Let's go Let's go We'll be oh boy, so she's all the way out here after everything sapphire said she must be a heartbroken Hey guys Steven, how'd you find me? We serves to you we heard you ordered pizza Ruby was just telling me about your mom.

Oh Are you okay? Well, I fell in love with rose quartz and she fell in love with mr. Universe Sure. She never told me she used to be pink diamond, but I never told her I used to be Gregory DeMaio So, how are you holding up Ruby? I'm okay Why? Thank you Wait, really you seem so sad before. Yeah, but me and Greg talked it out.

I'm fine. Now. Are you sure? Yeah, sanfur was kind of right about everything you really didn't stay garnet because Rose told us we were the Answer, it's my first time really thinking about it. It's my first time really thinking about me What do you mean? Back when I emerged see the first thing I did was get crammed together with a bunch of other Ruby's then I was with sapphire all the time I was always checking in on someone but now I could go wherever the wind takes me I'm up here eating pizza reading comics.

I don't know sapphire wants to read comics Oh Sure, I guess You guys love each other you're my favorite couple yeah, you're like sugar and flour I love eating them separately, but I still want cake. I'm sure sapphire would want I'm not fussed about sapphire ones I'm seeing my own future now and it's nothing Ruby Relax kiddo. This could be what she needs, but Dad what if they never form garnet again? We got to get him back together Well, that's not our call to make Ruby's gotta want that for herself If that's not what Ruby wants then it's not what garnet wants right I guess so Facing danger at every turn not eating nothing or nobody to get me by Just like this guy Hmm. Do you mean something like this? I think I know just the place.

I'll get you there. Thank you All right, this is how it's gotta be I'll support Ruby in her quest for emotional growth Y'all ready to wild-west it up Open range Oh Ruby you need a steed I'm always down for a little horsing around Giddyup How's it going Ruby feel like a real cowboy now, yeah, I sure can I do Sorry, I gotta be a yellow-belly about this but we don't even have a map. I think we're just gonna get ourselves lost Already, I am lost. That's why I came out here to find myself It's a dead end This is what I mean.

What's behind this brush? I don't know sapphire ain't here to predict for me This my chance to find out for myself Oh Jiminy Well, I had no idea that we're beating was here I. Almost fell down there, and it was all my choice Wow Ruby's really getting into this Seriously, I just taught her how to play guitar like 10 minutes ago. No dad. I mean cowboy being a lone thing I've never seen her like this before She seems really happy Ruby right Jesus Tony Solitary stole Yeehaw Hey Ruby, hmm.

You know, I got really scared when you said he didn't want to fuse with sapphire anymore I felt like I was losing someone I cared about but I saw how much fun you were having today Oh this buck ruing really suits you. I'm sorry. I tried to push you back into being garnet It's not true, huh? That's stuff I sing about It's not true What I mean, I did have a lot of fun today. I loved it.

But the whole time I I. Kept thinking about how much more fun they'd have if I were with her Sapphire was always there with me. I feel her smile just like he was mine It's so lonely now That's mine right I came here to be my own gentleman Don't thinking about what she'd like would she want Oh the time Turns out no good at not meeting. Nobody Come on, that's not lame.

You let us on a frontier adventure. You're still the same Ruby who did all that stuff Even if you're thinking of someone look at our friend lonesome Lassa, they call him that cuz he's lonesome. Ah Miss Sallie Mae He's still rootin tootin cowboy blazing his own trails, but he loves someone too Well, if I'm making my own decisions then I'll decide I want to be with sapphire I mean, I gotta ask her first I just don't want it to feel like we're going back to how things used to be back when Someone else told us to be together. I wanted to feel different Wait a sec.

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What do you think of this? Steven did you find Ruby? She's outside. She's got something to say to you Ruby Ruby I'm so sorry. I should have never said those awful things to you that we didn't matter anymore I shouldn't have pushed you away like that. I was wrong Now you write Someone else told us we were the answer but I don't believe that anymore at least not Still hear it from you Sapphire you marry me what? Marrying you yeah, this way we could get together even more apart This time being garnet will be our decision.

Why do you say? Of course I've been waiting to kiss your cute face This is just to give you some ideas Ruby said she wanted your reunions gone it to be special And there's nothing more special in romantic than a beautiful wedding. It's like they say you are drink the cow You gotta put a ring on it, but sweetums who says that let's take a look at printing styles for your invitations Would it be cool if we got flames on it? Oh and Some dolphins. Yeah Flames, I think I've got exactly what you're looking for on page 135. How long did it take you to put this together? My entire life This folding bone is so nice who knew that planning a wedding could be so fun I did Step aside Here you go Perry, yeah We've been stuffing these envelopes all day How many does that make? That makes ten oh just 10 Rip them Frankie cute So my dad will finish playing the music and then next you'll do the I Do's and then I'll say I.

Now pronounce you got and then you've used every one I'll chair Everyone who's survived, huh? Oh It's just there's so many old friends who won't be able to come although crystal gems who are corrupted and bubbled in the basement Maybe we could bring in the bubbles up here. No, no, it's not safe. We can't risk them getting out Hmm I'm back hey bismuth long time no see rose, I mean Steven oh There's a third option now Why would you let me out? I just tried to shatter you you know how you fought mom because their whole war strategy didn't make any sense. Well you were right What's going on Did Rose do this did she bubble everyone who disagreed with her? Oh, no.

No, it's not like that Tiger's eye little Lorimar Beryl serpentine and Oh big Fix was beloved by everyone I got somebody Don't understand come on man. Tell me bring the oven I'm sorry business. This is not the big she knew before Stevens, I know we had our differences but so much has changed in Italian Only a diamond could do damage like this this pink wasn't it? Why didn't Rose stop her because They were the same person And that's the whole story Are you okay? Hmm? Yeah It all makes sense now Eddie Wilde, right Steven come here and join me the lavas great I would but I'm not lava booth I was so excited to show Rose the breaking point. Can you imagine? Hey Rose, check out this cool weapon.

I made I'm gonna shatter you with it I Really thought all of our problems would disappear if we could just shatter a diamond. I. Guess she ended up taking my advice Um, sorry about all this Thanks For talking to me Wow, you took that pretty well way better than garnet did how so she infused over it what no, Live my favorite couple. Don't worry, they're back together, but they haven't fused yet.

Uh-huh That's actually why I came down here to begin with. I wanted to invite you to garnets wedding garnets wedding, huh? Yeah, it would be great if you could attend. Yeah Okay, I don't have any plans. So I guess I can come This is gonna be so much fun.

Oh Yeah, no questions. This is gonna be the best wedding ever So, what's the wedding Okay, so we're getting everything ready for tomorrow, we'll have a hotdog grill going on out front and the chairs and canopy You're all set up Probably you should head out there and say hi, uh Steven I don't want to ruin the surprise What surprise? You They don't know I'm coming. Wait. I can't do this.

You're right. You gotta have a gift We have a wedding registry. Do you want to pick something from here? What no, I mean What am I gonna say to him? You could do one of your signature catchphrases like let's get down to business or Anybody want to start a small business? Oh, oh, how about did you? Bismuth me Anyway, it's not gonna matter what you say. He'll be so glad you're here just be ready for my signal Oh, this is gonna be great.

They're gonna want you to be maid of honor Attention everyone, please gather round Him, I'd like to propose a toast to Ruby and Sapphire Now we all know you guys have been running a little hot and cold lately We are all excited to see you to fuse back together and achieve lifelong room-temperature happiness all of us included Pearl Hmm yes and pearl all of us including Steven can I drink this or what? I'll be right back and make sure those cans don't drop hey Smith, didn't you see my signal Oh, there you are What happened out there? I'm sure if we hurry back we will surprise them They're gonna be so happy to see if they wanted to see me so much They could have let me out themselves, but they didn't of course they didn't they attacked their leader They're not gonna side with Rose anymore. Not after I'm not talking about Rose. I'm talking about you But I'm not the leader Carnot's the leader and where's garnet She'll be back. That's all point.

It's a big crystal gem wedding. We should all be there together Honey, why are the crystal gems still together after finding out that everything was a sham? Somebody's making them believe in the future and it's you You seriously think they're gonna want me around when the last thing I did was try to shatter you you told them everything And they made their choice. They want me in a bubble you out there You say they want me to be maid of honor well I. I'm made of the most solid Flexible dye magnetic stuff there is and I'm not as dense as you might think I've got enough self respecting this gym to accept that they don't want me on their team anymore Lewis Everything was different in it didn't believe it Everything it is different We had a fight so we can make up right if they didn't let you out because they care about me Then they're gonna care that I want you back on the team, huh? I want you back on the team Forget the surprise if we show up together, they're all gonna know that everything's okay Spoken like a leader.

No spoken like a friend Hey everyone, did you guys bismuth me? I. Won also less importantly, who are you I invited bismuth. I hope that's cool Bismuth Wouldn't believe what we've all been through I'm so sorry sure look I'm right there with you Stephen filled me him So it's anyone gonna introduce me, let's give him some space Oh Ruby sapphire. I heard you're supposed to bring gifts to these things These aren't weapons Stephen seem to think they'd come in handy Was a diamond who invaded earth saw its beauty and its worth Mom made an army and she fought herself Did that even end up mattering when she faked her own shattering? Mom lived in hiding by the name of rose with the friends.

She'd made in the forum. She chose Now all that's left of her exists in me. And I think that we Can all agree that Is a little bit upsetting I'd rather think about oh let's think about Kate Let's think about flowers. Let's think about dressing up and dancing around for hours there's an awful lot of awful things we could be thinking of but for just one day let's I gotta get dressed for a big day now.

So no peeking and no future vision either Okay, Oh Stephen I just wish I could have said something sooner about rose and pink we could think about lies That we told them the path They took it so hard you think about hurt feelings and how long they can laugh and move on Well, we could think about hope hope you know I've been hoping about what that everything's better now everything's out in the open Bismuth is that what you're wearing to the wedding? It's the nicest thing I own looking sharp We could think about flowers we could think about cash we could think about wonderful promises We have the power to make for there's an awful lot of awful things week but for just one day let's Maybe I should have picked up roses maybe a little controversial You could all be thinking how we feel about rose When it comes to pink and the things that you did in the past I suppose Yeah, oh we could both feel better cuz we could think about how You think about us? We don't use these we're gonna hit something else no worries peridots gathering more flowers right now, I'll go get it Peridot, what if lapis was right sooner or later the diamonds are going to come for the cluster? We're all gonna die here. We could think about war we could think about fighting We could think about long-lost friends We wish we were invited we could think about the broken gems in the cluster at the planets core Or we can think about the bubble we made so that they can't be heard anything. Can't be heard anymore We can think about joy we can think about pain we can think about sunshine we can think about rain We could be For just one day let's all rethink about just one day Let's only think about just one day. Let's all think about Nervous I'm not Flowers for you flowers for you flowers for you Wedding commander all flowers have been deployed.

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Thanks peridot Dearly beloved gems humans liens big and small living gourds onion We are gathered here today to celebrate Ruby and Sapphire two of my favorite people Who combined into one of my other favorite people you all probably know her as garnet. She is their love given form Now, it's your turn to talk about that. I. Know this is all kind of silly.

I mean we've been together for five thousand seven hundred fifty years and eight months I used to feel like I wasn't much good just one of me on my own but oh we're together It feels like it's okay to just be me. So I want to be me with you and Not even the Diamonds will come between us and if they try Ruby my future used to look like one single obvious stream Unbending till the end of time in an instant you pulled me from that destiny and opened my eye to an explosion of infinite possible futures streaking across space and time altered and obliterated by the smallest force of will What I mean is you changed my life and then I changed your life and now we change our lives Bismuth the rings. Hey, bismuth, that's your cue Ruby do you take this gem to having to hold on this in every other planet in the universe? I know And sapphire GU. Yes.

You didn't let me finish I'm just very excited Then by the power vested in me by the state of Delmarva, I now pronounce you garnet Hey, thanks for everything I need this a Wonderful idea you must found a way to make a moment's decision last forever a whole new future vision to know I'll always remember this I'm so glad Oh, no, I'm sorry. Don't cry, I guess seeing everyone together as got me really choked up Wait a second, you don't think Blue diamonds she's here and she's not alone Diamonds Get on your manna phone you got a cold blue and a code yellow Whatever are they going they're not here for us. They must be here for the cluster It's a huge Earth destroying Geo weapon that the diamonds made out of a bajillion gem shards I gotta keep it common in its bubble. I can use my line to connect with it.

But only when I'm asleep asleep It's no use how am I supposed to sleep through this maybe a lullaby will help I'm not sure this The coaster stay calm try to keep them warming Everyone Alright looks like it's in control of itself and it's on our side Whodunnit Guess it's time to work the old universe charm. Oh All right. I'll just be in here rose quartz So you escaped homeworld and crawled back here. This is Pink's world How dare you use it as your hiding place come answer for what you've done? This is bad, come on you rocks, let's put her in a struggle right wait There's no reason to fight.

Let me talk to her Blue diamond, please. Listen to me. I didn't shatter pink diamond pink diamonds right here it's pretty interesting when you think Wait, how much more? I Know this song this is the sort that shuddered her You deserve this all of you please What do we do I don't know she won't listen she just wants to fight blue diamond Who are you supposed to be I. Am the will of two gems to care for each other to protect each other from any threat no matter how fast or how cruel You couldn't stop me five thousand seven hundred fifty years ago, and you can't stop me now It's you that Ruby and Sapphire that just ruled in my court You hope to defeat me by clinging to my feet I just needed to keep you from taking three steps to the right What Hmm grab-ass You're really here Hey Lapis you came back again.

I couldn't stay away If they're gonna punish me like a crystal gem I might as well be one right you got room for one more Of course Save the hunter after the fight look alive Does every gem that comes in contact with this planet turn traitor I've felt worse The speech With all our strength together we can take her down. That's right. This is our home our Planet our friends and family. We are the crystal gems You got guts tiny let me give you a hand Don't worry I can fix it.

All right. I'm good with you guys We do it Cluster you were amazing. Are you? Okay. Do you want to go back in your bubble? Okay, take it easy.

You're the best So that is a wedding reception nice jump wedding planner Did you see that she couldn't lay a finger on me? Hmm, but did you notice how I perfectly managed my trajectory right into her eyes. I'll demonstrate blots me again I like you Barrett. Uh, you don't I pulled her off once I can do it again No Stop don't do this. Listen to me.

I'm the one you're missing on pink diamond. Yeah Stephen Connie what's wrong? Come on, please. I'm up. I'm up what's going on? Connie I'm right here Well, this is new what is this place What else have you guys I've only just begun to fight Hoppus Connie are you seeing this wake up? We're supposed to be in this together remember call me up.

Hi Mommy it's me I'm not sure but I think it's a classic psychic ghost type situation Of course. So what's the plan the diamonds won't listen to me out there, but maybe I can get through to them here They've got a no pink time it wasn't shattered Please protect my body while I'm gone. Got it. Good luck out there Steven This isn't a girl hold it together, I'll go hold everyone together.

You can do it garnet. Remember you're made of love Always full of surprises The chatters will get shattered you the chatter Everything I do I do it for her I do it for him I do it for me just Got my friends back and now I'm gonna lose them again we can still do this together I'm not thinking we haven't lost yet Hang in there peridot you too lapis How miserable my new pink couldn't handle her own colony but I gave in and now I'm to blame for her fate These gems suffer more I long to see you again pink Almost blue diamond, please. Listen, I. Got something someone it worked I gotta get through to them Pink isn't gone.

I can explain everything if you just stop this fighting There it is again. What are you jabbering about a presence? It feels like plz blue you're being hysterical More so than usual. Listen, yellow Binks fate is different than you think A new bit. It must be a trick show yourself.

Oh, I'm not your phone, please Just listen to me there Please the fighting at the stop. We aren't enemies. We're family. Please listen to me I need you to know through Its aura It's you pink Oh Pink you've been here all alone.

I don't have any of pink or roses memories How did you even survive we blasted the planet and obliterated every geminate surface they weren't exactly obliterated Steven universe the story will continue on your Cartoon Network.

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