The Heaven’s Stone The Magic of Sapphire — Crystal Meanings and Uses

The Heaven's Stone The Magic of Sapphire -- Crystal Meanings and Uses

Elune Blue 1. Sapphire is connected to wisdom and intuition. It is the perfect stone for seekers of spiritual truth, And can help with meditation and uncovering intuitive and psychic abilities. 2.

Sapphire is used metaphysically for protection. It can ward against dark magic, ill-intent and negative energies, And can be used for protection during ritual or psychic workings. 3. Sapphire can help with learning and matters of the mind.

Wear it to boost memory retention and mental acuity. It can also help raise concentration and focus and sharpen mental clarity. 4. Sapphire is used for healing the Throat and Third Eye Chakra.

5. It is used in crystal healing to treat fever, burns and inflammation. 6. It is also used to treat eye and skin conditions and ease symptoms of depression.

7. Sapphire is the birthstone of September. 8. Sapphire is actually a mineral called corundum.

9. Corundum can be found in almost any color of the rainbow, Such as pink, black, blue, green and clear. 10. However, a red corundum is not called sapphire — — But is in fact more commonly known as Ruby.

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