Gemstone Review – Aquamarine Dream – Why Aquamarine Rings Make the Perfect Alternative – sapphire gemstone meaning

Gemstone Review – Aquamarine Dream – Why Aquamarine Rings Make the Perfect Alternative – sapphire gemstone meaning
sapphire gemstone meaning –

Traditional diamond or gemstone jewelry such as ruby, emerald and sapphire rings, will always be considered beautiful and highly desirable, but for those who want something a little different, aquamarine rings provide a perfect alternative. Whether you are looking to trek down an unusual or unique ring for the person who has everything or want to find a funky ring for those with a quirky side or the young at heart, diamond aquamarine rings have something to offer almost all jewelery tastes.

The name for the mesmerizing aquamarine derives from the Latin "aqua" and "mare" meaning sea water because of their toxicating marine color. This green / blue stone is a member of the beryl family, to which emeralds also belong, while its color is due to iron impurities located within. Found predominately in Brazil, Nigeria and Zambia, the largest stone ever discovered was in Brazil in 1910 and weighed 243lbs. Other then the fact that the gemstone is delightfully alluring, there are several more intriguing reasons to give these fine rings as a present.

Gold aquamarine rings comes in many shapes and sizes from beautiful trilogy rings to aquamarine solitaires, yet all are believed to have the same extraordinary powers. Sacred to Neptune, God of the Sea, and provided gift of the mermaids, the aquamarine was once used to help alleviate all manner of illnesses. Water that had been left with the stone in it, was thought to cure maladies of the heart, liver, stomach and throat and counteract the effects of poison.

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With its similarity to the color of the waves, aquamarine pendants became talismans for sailors who prepared them to protect against the unpredictable nature of the sea and ensure the safe passage home of their ships. Like wise, in soldiers it was considered to instill bravery and render them invincible. By healers, aquamarine is used to release any negative emotion and restore emotional well-being while drawing love. For this reason, it has become a tradition for a husband to give his new bride an aquamarine necklace, ring or aquamarine earrings the morning after their nuptials have been consummated and within more mature relationships it is an indication of continued stability and commitment.

Besides its multitude of the therapeutic and curative attributes, the aquamarine has also come to represent many other things. It is the birthstone for March and zodiac sign of Pisces and thought to be doubly lucky for those under these categories, as well as being the accepted gemstone for the 19th wedding anniversary. The truth is that even if you choose to buy aquamarine jewelry purely for their aesthetic qualities, it is good to know that there is so much more to these fascinating, exquisite stones then initially meets the eye.

– Aquamarine Dream – Why Aquamarine Rings Make the Perfect Alternative


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