Gemstone Review – Blue Sapphire – A Stone of Extremities – sapphire gemstone price

Gemstone Review – Blue Sapphire – A Stone of Extremities – sapphire gemstone price
sapphire gemstone price –

Blue Sapphire is not for everyone. It is a stone of extremities, which can act extremely favorable for some and extremely unfavorable for others. Therefore, one should wear it only after confirming its suitability. When it acts in favor, one goes through many positive changes in life. When it acts in against, one goes through lots of troubles. Primarily, one should ensure to get only an unblemished gemstone.

Astrology has defined the adverse impacts which an unblemished Blue Sapphire with a certain nature of flaw can have on its wearers. A flaw of the presence of white lines on its surface can make one poor and cause problems related to eyes. A tainted surface can result in bad luck and accidents. A skin with dual colors makes one suffer troubles, sorrows, and pains, in specifically from foes. While buying it, one should keep these aspects in consideration. Then, the other effective way with which one can test its suitability is by possessing it for a short period of time. By keeping it beneath the sleeping pillow for few days, one can derive a conclusion about the presence of absence or its suitability.

Influences Saturn

Blue Sapphire stone is associated with the astrological planet of Saturn. It is encompassed with divine powers with which it can intensify the benefic impacts when Saturn is positioned in a benefic position, and nullify the negative impacts when Saturn is positioned in weak or malefic position. Saturn is extremely dreadful with its malefic impacts. It is considered as the most malefic of all the planets. One who stands on the other side of line of Saturn faces too many and too intense troubles in life. Saturn can be pleased and can be soothed up with the help of this stone.

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Confers a Reputable Status

Wearing Blue Sapphire according to the rules of astrology derives enormous benefits. It increases one’s social status, makes one more regarded and respected, wards off all misfortunes, improves overall health, and confers prosperity, long life, stability, and causes of true happiness. It is one effective way with which one can regain the possession of wealth or any other precious materialistic thing which one lost anytime in the past.

Other Valuable Benefits

It is an effective healing tool to cure the impact of poison which one suffered out of a scorpion bite. The process as recommended for the same requires one to dip in this stone in some water and then apply that water on the portion where scorpion bite. It works as a powerful Talisman protecting its wearer from the impacts of all sorts of negative energies. It communicates warning to its wearers by changing its color as and when they are vulnerable to any danger.

Highly Recommended To

People belonging to Capricorn or Aquarius Zodiac Sign are destined to derive utmost out of this stone. Women are highly recommended to have this stone, as it helps in stimulating fertility. Those suffering from mental disorders, partial deafness, hair loss, epilepsy, or lack of virility can experience an improvement with the help of this stone. Wearing it close to heart brings peace.

The Rules of Wearing It

As already stated, first test its suitability and then only confirm to wear it permanently. To wear it, one should abide by certain astrology prescribed rules. It should be embedded either in iron, silver, gold, or Panch Dhatu. It should be of at least 5 grams. On any auspicious Saturday, pour it in a bowl full of water. On the very same day, during the time of dusk, bring it out of the bowl and wear it in the second finger of your right hand while chanting the associated Mantra of “Om Aim Hreem Shanecharaya Namah”. Conclude the process by offering devoted prayers to Lord Saturn Dev. Pour the water present in bowl in the roots of any Peepal tree.

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– Blue Sapphire – A Stone of Extremities


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