Gemstone Review – Blue Sapphire – A Stone of Extremities – sapphire gemstone

Gemstone Review – Blue Sapphire – A Stone of Extremities – sapphire gemstone
sapphire gemstone –

Blue Sapphire is not for everyone. It is a rock of the extremities, which can be extremely favorable for some and extremely unfavorable for others. Therefore, you should only wear it after it has confirmed its suitability. If it works in favor, you will experience many positive changes in life. If it behaves, you go through many problems. First and foremost, make sure you only get one flawless gemstone.

Astrology has defined the negative effects that a flawless Blue Sapphire can have on its wearers with a certain type of defect. A mistake, if there are white lines on the surface, can lead to a deterioration of the eyes. A contaminated surface can cause accidents and accidents. In a skin with two-tone colors you suffer from discomfort, pain and pain, especially in enemies. When buying you should consider these aspects. The other effective way to test fitness is to have them for a short time. If you keep it under the sleeping pillow for a few days, you can derive a conclusion about the presence of it or its suitability.

Influences Saturn

Blue sapphire is associated with the astrological planet Saturn. It is surrounded by divine forces that can enhance its beneficial effects when Saturn is in a favorable position and negate the negative effects of Saturn being in a weak or damaging position. Saturn is extremely dreadful with its harmful effects. It is considered the most vicious of all planets. One who stands on the other side of the line from Saturn, has too many and too intense problems in life. Saturn can be happy and reassured with this stone.

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Indicates a serious status

Wearing Blue Sapphire according to the rules of astrology brings enormous benefits. It enhances the human social status, makes it more respectful and respectful, combats all calamities, improves overall health and brings wealth, longevity, stability and causes of true happiness. It is an effective way of regaining possession of wealth or other valuable materialistic things that have always been lost in the past.

Other valuable benefits

It is an effective remedy to cure the effects of poison that a scorpion bite has suffered. The process recommended for this requires that you dip this stone in some water and then apply that water to the area where the scorpion bites. It is a powerful talisman that protects its wearer from the effects of all kinds of negative energies. It communicates a warning to its porters by changing its color as soon as they are vulnerable to danger.

We recommend

People belonging to the Capricorn or Aquarius Zodiac are destined to derive the utmost from this stone. Women are strongly advised to have this stone as it stimulates fertility. People who suffer from mental disorders, partial deafness, hair loss, epilepsy, or lack of masculinity can experience improvement with this stone. Bringing it close to your heart brings peace.

The rules of wearing

As already mentioned, first test the suitability and then just confirm that you are wearing it permanently. To carry it, one should follow certain rules of astrology. It should be embedded in either iron, silver, gold or panch dhatu. It should be at least 5 grams. Pour it into a bowl of water on a cheap Saturday. On the same day, at dusk, take it out of the bowl and carry it in the second finger of your right hand while chanting the corresponding mantra of "Om Aim Hreem Shanecharaya Namah". Finish the process by offering devout prayers to Lord Saturn Dev. Pour the existing water into the roots of a peepal tree.

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– Blue Sapphire – A Stone of Extremities

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