Gemstone Review – Celebrities and Diamond Engagement Rings – sapphire gemstone price

Gemstone Review – Celebrities and Diamond Engagement Rings – sapphire gemstone price
sapphire gemstone price –

For countless celebrities, diamond engagement ring has been a source of depiction to the world their emotions and feelings for a very special person in their life. Given the quality and chic lifestyle that the celebrities lead, it only goes to show the class or uniqueness of diamond rings which are widely adopted by them as one of the most common gift ideas.

Depending on the choice, diamond rings of all shapes and sized have been in vogue among the celebrities with no specific focus on the size of the diamond.

Over a period of time, diamond rings have become larger and more sophisticated with lots of options and models with frequent mixing and matching with other jewels and metals (including silver, platinum, white or yellow gold etc or mixture of most of them).

Some of the recognized celebrities are known all over the world who have adopted diamond engagement rings, time and again require some discussion.

Queen Elizabeth II got a diamond engagement ring from Prince Phillip which had diamonds from the latter's mother's tiara. Grace Kelly received a 12 carat ring from Prince Rainier. Lady Diana got a ring of 18 carat with blue oval sapphire surrounded by fourteen diamonds. Madonna received an antique three stone diamond band with an ornamented platinum band from Guy Ritchie. Ben Affleck brave a six carat pink diamond ring to Jennifer Lopez and the list goes on.

Having said that not many people can afford such highly expensive items and hence came the idea of ​​replicas of rings as worn by these high class celebrities. The price of such replicas would vary with its quality (ie first copy or second copy etc).

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– Celebrities and Diamond Engagement Rings


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