Gemstone Review – Ceylon Sapphire – One of the Brightest Sapphires – sapphire gemstone price

Gemstone Review – Ceylon Sapphire – One of the Brightest Sapphires – sapphire gemstone price
sapphire gemstone price –

Sapphire is the most popular color gemstone, second only to diamonds. Sapphire has been in family collections and estates of royalty, and other wealthy families, a most sought after gem for thousands of years. Most recently, Penelope Cruz received a sapphire engagement ring from Javier Bardem.

Sapphire is the second-hardest gemstone (next to diamond) on the Moh’s scale of hardness, making it very durable and ideal for daily wear. Sapphires, when cut to the proper proportions, will sparkle and dance in the light.

The mineral name for sapphire is corundum, and corundum is found in all colors. When it is typically red, it is called Ruby. All other colors are called sapphire, with the color prefix attached; the only exception being Padapradscha. A padparadcha is the most expensive color of sapphire. Otherwise, the most sought after sapphire color is cornflower blue color. In blue sapphires, the price is generally highest for cornflower blue, and reduces as it gets either lighter or darker.

Pricing of Sapphires

The price of sapphires depends on these factors: place of origin, color, carat, clarity, cut, and treatment. Generally, Ceylon sapphires cost more than those from other places. Prices are highest for nice vibrant colors.As carat increases the price increases exponentially. A 2ct sapphire will not cost two times the price of 1ct, but can be four times the price.

It is ideal to have a gemstone free of inclusions, but there are many types of imperfections in sapphires. It may have several inclusions. it will have some form of banding under high magnification, but generally would have limited visibility to a naked eye. The cut and proportions of the cut of a sapphire will impact the life of the gemstone. Many sapphires are cut to maximize weight, which is a short sighted way of maximizing output. The final factor in determining the value of a sapphire is the treatment it has undergone. Almost all sapphires are heated. It is the norm of the industry for sapphires to undergo treatments. Even if a lab appraisal is sought, the appraiser will at the most confirm that the it was ‘likely’ not heated. Literature dating a thousand years back also records heating of gemstones to improve quality.

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Some of the best known Ceylon Sapphires are The Logan , Star of India.

– Ceylon Sapphire – One of the Brightest Sapphires


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