Gemstone Review – Gems and Astrology Go Together – sapphire gemstone

Gemstone Review – Gems and Astrology Go Together – sapphire gemstone
sapphire gemstone –

Gems and astrology in the Vedic belief

The ancient people were used to believing in the power of gemstones. In this regard, the Vedic belief of astrology in India describes immense power of gemstones and persuades its exercise as a talisman against misfortune. Vedic astrologers implore the command of Hindu deities and planets to enlighten the hope and to assist people shun the impending ill effects of the planets in all phases of their lives. These astrologers had the belief that influential gemstones could hamper and persuade the planetary manipulations. Thus by wearing the suitable stones, people could employ the command of the planets to attain achievement and preserve good physical conditions.

Ancient gemstone depending upon radiant energy

The most valuable gemstone of ancient civilization would depend upon the radiant energies and that would originate from each planet. These shimmering rays would effect the people in a different way along with their cryptograms of the Zodiac and the poses of planets in their horoscope.

At times the effect is enviable but at other times planetary environment might change and have a depressing effect on your life. In this case astrologers can give an opinion that which meticulous gemstone you ought to put on to offset the negative arrangement of the planets.

The gems for these objectives used should not only be of a fastidious category, but for most favorable effect the gem must also be spotless and devoid of any flaws for example splinter or flaws. Besides, a large amount of astrologers would be firm that an astrological precious stone will not be less than 2 carats.

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Jyotish gemstones

Vedic astrology links to planets with unlike gemstones often recognized as Jyotish gems which are as follows:

Sun: Ruby is suitable substitutes that consist of Red Spinel, Rhodilite Garnet, Red Tourmaline and Almandite Garnet.

Moon: Natural pearl is a recognized substitutes that includes with tissue nucleated pearl, South Sea pearl and Moonstone.

Mars: Red coral. Carnelian is an adequate substitute.

Mercury: Emerald is an adequate substitution that includes Green Tourmaline and Peridot.

Jupiter: Yellow Sapphire, is the alternative which consists of yellow stones, like Topaz, Berly and Citrine.

Venus: Diamond, it is less luxurious alternative which includes White Sapphire, Danburite, Phenakite, White Topaz and White Zircon.

Saturn: Blue Sapphire, substitutes are Tanzanite and Amethyst.

Rahu: Hessonite Garnet. Substitutes are Orange Zircon or Spessartite Garnet.

Kete: Chrysobery or Cat’s Eye.

Perceptions and Interpretations regarding Rahu and Ketu

  • Rahu and Ketu are not planets as they manipulate the two points of connection of the paths of the sun and the moon as they navigate the sky. These are the levels upon which solar eclipses transpire.
  • In Hindu tradition, Rahu is the cranium of the mischievous sprite which origins the cosmological ellipses when the sun, moon and earth arrange in a line in a universal zodiacal longtitude.
  • Ketu is believed to have a key blow on human lives and the whole of creation alike. In Vedic astrology Ketu symbolizes our good and bad karma, our mysticism besides supernatural manipulates.
  • During the time of troubles, it is believed in Hindu mythology that the people would go to consult with Vedic astrologer and buy the gemstones for the safety purposes.
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– Gems and Astrology Go Together


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