Gemstone Review – Gemstone Powers Classified – sapphire gemstone

Gemstone Review – Gemstone Powers Classified – sapphire gemstone
sapphire gemstone –

Many people are fascinated by the story and ancient lore behind a gemstone. Some people think gemstones have a healing power inside them that might improve your life somehow. Some gems improve the concentration and make you study faster while other stones help you to improve your optimism and stand stronger in life. It is common believe of the people behind these theories gems and crystals are able to absorb and transmit energy. Negative energies can be soaked up by some crystals while others have an aura around them that transmit a positive energy that protects you.

Each gemstone has its own energy that might help you in some way:

Money Stones: This gems will help you to improve your wealth and keep the money flowing in your direction. Examples of money stones are citrine, malachite, jade and sapphire.

Power Stones: Helps you to improve the inner peace and happiness. Keep one of these in your pockets when you are in a period you don’t know what direction your life is going. Examples of these kind of gemstones are amethyst, fluorite, blue quartz and Chalcedony.

Birth Stones: The power of some crystals is only activated during some periods of the year. These so-called birthstones are associated with one specific month of the year.

– January: Rose Quartz

– February: Amethyst

– March: Aquamarine

– April: Diamond

– May: Emerald

– June: Moonstone

– July: Ruby

– August: Peridot

– September: Lapis Lazuli

– October: Garnet

– November: Tiger Eye

– December: Hematite

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– Gemstone Powers Classified


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