Gemstone Review – Precious Gemstones and Their Cheap Supplements – sapphire gemstone price

Gemstone Review – Precious Gemstones and Their Cheap Supplements – sapphire gemstone price
sapphire gemstone price –


Diamond is gem that needs no introduction. It is the hardest natural occurring substance on earth with a brilliant refractive index and appearance. It is believed to be one of the most expensive and precious piece of jewelry that every women would die to possess. Diamonds itself are available in various price ranges depending mainly upon their clarity and carat weight. If you want something more economic than below are some options that closely match diamond in terms of appearance:

Moissanite is the best diamond look-alike stone found today. They are transparent, green and yellow occurring crystals of silicon carbide with a brilliant hardness of 9.5 on mohs scale.

Zircon (natural): Naturally occurring colorless variety of Zircon is also a highly preferred replacement for diamond due to its excellent brilliance and dispersion. Cubic Zirconia is the lab made or in other words synthetic variety of naturally occurring Zircon.

White Sapphire: Although sapphire is something you would buy for its premium color some of it clear colorless verities can also serve as diamond supplements.


Ruby is beautifully colored gem indulged in passion of red. Ruby belongs to the family of corundum and thus stands second to diamond in terms of hardness. Ruby has purplish to bluish red hue. Sometimes it can also be found in yellowish red color. Its ideal color is said to be pigeon blood red. Red Spinel is the more economic counterpart of Ruby. Red spaniel matches corundums in terms of beauty, brilliance, rarity and durability and also gives good value for money. Red Spinel is not as known as ruby therefore is much lower in terms of price which makes it an exciting replacement for ruby.

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The rich and the royal Emerald is known for its green lushness. If you are simply buying emerald for its name and fame there is no alternate to it but if you need something in green than the obvious choices are Peridot and jade. Peridot ranges from pale yellowish-green to bottle green, olive green and vivid apple green. If you are particularly looking for a cheaper replacement for emerald haunt for vivid intense colored apple green and bottle green verities. If transparency is not an issue for you then you can get Jade to match emerald green. Although it is translucent to opaque it has a pure green color.


Although tanzanite was being recognized as an alternative of Blue Sapphire but due to its distinct pleochroic nature and rarity it’s almost as expensive as blue sapphire. As Sapphire occurs in various colors there can be many natural and synthetic stones to take its place.

– Precious Gemstones and Their Cheap Supplements


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