Gemstone Review – Review of the Fresh Tablet, the VOYO VBOOK V3 – sapphire gemstone price

Gemstone Review – Review of the Fresh Tablet, the VOYO VBOOK V3 – sapphire gemstone price
sapphire gemstone price –

Have you ever heard of the fresh tablet, the VOYO VBOOK V3? This model adopts a 13.3-inch 1920 x 1080 high-definition screen (a 170-degree wide viewing angle IPS hard screen) and supports 10-point touch. What’s more, it comes with the latest Intel X5 Z8300 Atom processor, 4GB RAM, 64GB hard drive, which supports 128G SD card expansion, built-in 10,000 mA lithium polymer battery. But unlike the ordinary tablets, this novelty comes with a keyboard base, seeming like a traditional notebook, and supports a 360 ° flip. And now, let’s check it in detail.

Packaging and Design

The product packaging is very simple. You can know this is a Win10 tablet from the plaid design of the box surface at the first glance. There are many colors of the VOYO VBOOK V3 for consumers’ choices, champagne gold, sapphire, gemstone gray, orange, and diamond pink.

The VOYO VBOOK V3 can be regarded as an ultrabook. With a thickness of only 16mm, it weighs only 1500g. Thus, it will be very portable no matter on the bag or users’ hands. In addition, this novelty adopts a soft body material, like the skin, which feels very comfortable. The center of the cover is printed with a VOYO LOGO. And also, there is two 2.0 MP cameras (front and rear).

On the bottom of the VOYO VBOOK V3, there are two vents and four non-slip mats. This device adopts a common chocolate keyboard. And the layout of the keyboard is not different from a regular laptop. Equipped with a touchpad, the keyboard has an excellent input capability. But limited to the machine’s overall size, the keyboard layout is cramped and the key-way is medium.

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Hardware and Performance

The VOYO VBOOK V3 is given with the Intel X5 Z8300 Atom processor, 4GB RAM, 64GB hard drive. Also, this tablet is built-in with the 10000mAh lithium polymer battery, which can last for up to 8 hours. In addition, it is pre-installed with the genuine Microsoft Windows10 operating system.

The VOYO VBOOK V3 is available with a 13.3-inch 1920 x 1080 HD screen. And it is not a simple notebook, as it is touch capable and supports 10-touch. The interfaces of this tablet are quite comprehensive. On the left side, there is a USB2.0 port, a 3.5mm audio interface and a SIM card interface, volume keys, a power key and a keyboard lock. On the right side, there is a USB3.0 interface, a power connector, a TF card slot and a Micro HDMI interface.


Although the VOYO VBOOK V3 is not equipped with the top configurations, it performs well and can meet all the daily basic needs without any problems. The 360° swivel design provides more possibilities under different scenarios. It would be a good option for business people and young people who like multi-mode.

– Review of the Fresh Tablet, the VOYO VBOOK V3


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