Gemstone Review – The Other Birthstone Jewelry Options For June – sapphire gemstone

Gemstone Review – The Other Birthstone Jewelry Options For June – sapphire gemstone
sapphire gemstone –

Traditionally, the known gem for June birthstone jewelry is the pearl: A symbol of purity, honesty and tranquility. The pearl is a classic kind of gemstone which is really hard to pass up on as a gift choice for a loved one born in June, but nowadays, there are other choices for gift-givers to consider.

First of all, there is the moonstone. The moonstone is seen in Arabic cultures as a symbol for fertility and is regarded in India as a ‘dream stone,’ able to bestow beautiful visions to those who wear it while they sleep. The moonstone is characterized by its unique quality of ‘adularescence,’ or its mysterious, milky luster which changes when the stone is moved. This kind of shimmer is what gives moonstones its name as it gives the impression of moonlight upon water.

Another choice for a June birthstone is the iolite. This stone was significant to the Vikings during their travels as it served as the first polarizing filter, helping them find the exact position of the sun and navigate safely through the waters of the Atlantic. Like the moonstone, the iolite has a special kind of visual appeal. The gem displays different colors in different directions, earning it the old title of ‘water sapphire.’

No matter what the gemstone, though, birthstone jewelry is a precious gift to give June-born loved ones. Whether the choice is the classic, traditional pearl or the modern choices of either moonstone or iolite, all carry significance and make meaningful gifts.

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– The Other Birthstone Jewelry Options For June


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