Gemstone Review – Vedic Astrology and Yellow Sapphire – Gemstone of Jupiter – sapphire gemstone

Gemstone Review – Vedic Astrology and Yellow Sapphire – Gemstone of Jupiter – sapphire gemstone
sapphire gemstone –

The yellow sapphire, also called Pukhraj in Vedic astrology, is the jewel of the planet Jupiter. Like the color of Jupiter, this gemstone is yellow and bright. Cold and sattvik in nature, it is one of the most expensive gemstones in the market, especially the natural, and is considered the best of gemstones. It is worn every Thursday in the golden ring on the index finger. It must, however, be cleaned by an astrologer before being put on. It is colorful, sparkling and bright and comes in many colors like yellow, gold, lemon yellow and white. Astrologers suggest wearing yellow sapphire because it is extremely well-suited to increasing wealth, health, fame and name. It also makes you intelligent, religious and spiritual. It gives the wearer the luxury and the joys of life. People carry it as a lucky charm. However, you only have to wear it after careful consultation with the astrologer.

Sapphire is processed through a heating process to become more colorful and vibrant. Finding a natural, unheated yellow sapphire can be very expensive. Since it is an expensive gemstone, those who can not afford to wear yellow topaz are relatively cheaper and readily available. However, the results can vary widely. Yellow sapphire is a mineral and belongs to the gemstone family corundum, a chemical compound of aluminum, hydrovisil and florin. The color of the sapphire is due to iron. It is found in Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Australia, East Africa and the USA. Cashmere sapphires are very famous in India.

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It is believed that it works wonders for girls who do not marry or find matches. Since Jupiter is the husband's planet in the female birth chart, wearing yellow sapphire helps. It also helps people who suffer from weight gain, fever, diabetes, cholera, throat complications, abdominal problems, jaundice and kidney disease.

One should wear transparent and sparkling sapphire to get the maximum benefit. Buy it from a certified dealer to avoid confusion. Do not buy yellow sapphire with dullness, crack inside, milky appearance and asymmetrical shape. A broken yellow sapphire can cause big problems for the wearer.

You can do some tests by placing the yellow sapphire on a white cloth and exposing it to sunlight. The point where the light is reflected should appear yellow, or it stays in the milk for 24 hours should the color not change. Please note, however, that these are preliminary tests only, and real tests can only be done in the laboratory.

– Vedic Astrology and Yellow Sapphire – Gemstone of Jupiter

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