Gemstone Review – What Are the Top 10 Best Selling Gemstones For Jewelry? – sapphire gemstone

Gemstone Review – What Are the Top 10 Best Selling Gemstones For Jewelry? – sapphire gemstone
sapphire gemstone –

Gemstone jewelry has become very popular in recent years amongst fashionistas and collectors alike. In fact, some gems are so rare, that they are extremely hard to come by. This is partly due to demand and knowing that adding a piece (or two) of hand crafted gem jewelry instantly adds style and glamour to any wardrobe. With so many gems to choose from, it is sometimes hard to figure out which ones are the most sought after. If you look in any fashion magazine at what your favorite celebrities are wearing, you’ll find an array of semi precious gemstone jewelry adorning their earlobes, wrists and necklines. Which gems are the most popular, you ask?

Well, there a quite a few that are pretty popular, but the latest trends in gemstone jewelry suggest that the top 10 best selling gemstones are:

· Topaz

· Turquoise

· Tiger’s Eye

· Onyx

· Peridot

· Citrine

· Quartz

· Sapphire

· Aquamarine

· Tanzanite

Because these semi-precious gemstones are so versatile, they can be easily combined with precious metals such as silver or gold – or plated metals to create the most amazing jewelry pieces. From very simple, classic styles, to bold eye -catching, one of a kind pieces, the possibilities with precious metals or base metals crafted with gemstone jewelry truly are endless. One of my personal favorite combinations is turquoise enhanced with or encased in sterling silver, which can work in just about any wardrobe. This combination has a true southwestern feel, yet can be combined with a variety of colors for instant style. Also, turquoise jewelry goes great with coral, onyx and even white lapis. The possibilities truly are endless. And because gems are so versatile, they can be worn during the day or at night, dressed up or down.

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Adding natural gemstone jewelry to your existing jewelry wardrobe is an instant way to add a pop of color and glam up any outfit. And, it is so versatile! Gem jewelry goes with everything from denim to maxi dresses or even a skirt or suit. The only limits are your imagination and creativity. So, the next time you’re looking for that little something extra, add a statement necklace made of semi-precious gems or a couple of gem bracelets for that extra special effect.

Gemstone jewelry is truly unique in that you can combine different gems to create one of kind pieces that will last a lifetime.

– What Are the Top 10 Best Selling Gemstones For Jewelry?


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