Gemstone Review – What Is It That Makes Certain Gemstones Truly Precious And Rare? – sapphire gemstone

Gemstone Review – What Is It That Makes Certain Gemstones Truly Precious And Rare? – sapphire gemstone
sapphire gemstone –

Gemstones, commonly known as precious stones are extremely stunning and dazzling. They are available in different shapes, sizes and colors, which make them even more impressive. Usually gemstones are worn, according to your date and month of birth, as they bring happiness and prosperity to our lives. But now days, most of us wear them according to their beauty, such as a diamond, which is the king of all stones, and a must for every woman. But most of us do not know the significance of these stones in our life, or what is it that makes them so precious and expensive is, is it the beauty of the stone, or the power.

It is a known fact, that precious gems are minerals of the earth, which have been carved, and polished, making them look so gorgeous. Diamond, one of the most powerful gems, is a polymorph of the element carbon, in earth. It is usually found in South Africa. An emerald, which is green in color, is made of Beryllium Al Silicate, found in the Columbian and Muzo mines. While a sapphire known as the "destiny gem," is made of aluminum oxide, extensively found in Sri-Lanka, Thailand and Cambodia.

All gemstones are precious, but they are commonly ranked according to their availability. Rare gems are the most expensive and powerful gems. You should be very careful while picking your gemstone, as pure gems has the most powerful effect on the body. However, it is very difficult to get pure gems these days. Diamonds are one of the most common gems available today. However, due to controlled distribution, they are very expensive and valuable.

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Other stones such as sapphire, ruby ​​and emerald are much rarer than diamonds. Ruby is from the mineral corundum, formed from aluminum oxide. It is a red sapphire, known as the "tears of Buddha" and is a symbol of power and liberty. It is usually found in Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia. It is very rare to get a ruby ​​over two carats.

Gem stones are divided into three categories, "precious stones", such as, diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald, "semi precious stones", which include aquamarine, jade, opal, topaz and so on, and lastly "organic stones" like amber, coral and pearl. Benitoite one of the rarest gemstones made of mineral. Benitoite, which is usually blue in color, was earlier mistaken to be a sapphire. It is only found in the mines of San Benito County, California.

However, there are some precious gems, which are rarer that the mineral Benitoite. Peridot, a variety of olivine was a mineral found in a meteorite, which is the rarest gem of our time. A Peridot is green in color and a very powerful stone. Many people give a lot of importance to the location where the gemstone is found. Many stones found in less important places, are not as powerful to stimulate, fame, happiness, and prosperity in our lives.

– What Is It That Makes Certain Gemstones Truly Precious And Rare?


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