Tips for Men on How to Buy Jewellery for Their Love

Tips for Men on How to Buy Jewellery for Their Love

Jewelers see a lot of men coming to buy jewelry with no clue about the jewelry at all. Though the scenario has changed and even men wear jewelry nowadays, but the number of these men is still a minority. This article is for those who find it difficult to purchase jewelry for themselves or for their loved ones. Below written are some of the points that will help men understand what to see when buying jewelry.

Be clear about the jewelry you want

The first and foremost thing to do is to decide what you actually want to buy for yourself/your wife/friend. Dont just ask the shopkeeper to display his best collection because it may mean asking him to show his most expensive collection, instead tell him your priorities based on your loved ones choice.

If you are not clear what you want, the below points can help you make a list.

Jewellery colour There is a plethora of colour options available in jewellery and more the number of options means higher the confusion and in order to avoid any confusion, decide about the colour  you want, colour that attracts you the most and will suit your personality. Be it gold, silver, colored stone or any kind of colored jewelry, you must be clear about the choice of your jewelrys prime color.
Specific metal The task of selecting the jewelry becomes much easier if the metal of the jewelry matters to you and not its color. While there are many options for colors, there are fewer for metal type and hence, if you are going jewelry shopping for the first time, decide the metal you would like to buy.
Type of jewelry Whats better than knowing what you want? Yes! If you know what your loved one wants, your work is half done, for example, if you know that he/she would prefer slender chain or a chain with a pendant or a bracelet, then you can simply tell the jewelry without thinking much.
Price Jewellery is expensive and so, its better to set a budget for it.  When the shopkeeper shows you something beyond your budget, without hesitating, you can politely tell him that its not within your price range and ask him to show something that you can easily afford.

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Taking a note of all the above points and summarizing it, you can simply ask the jeweler what exactly you want.

Go to authentic jeweler

Dont risk buying jewelry from somebody you dont have trust in. Ask your friend, family, relatives or colleague if they know any authentic jeweler or you can simply walk into a Jewellery Shop that is certified.

What to take into consideration when buying diamond or gold jewelry

Oops! Forgot to mention what to see when buying diamond or gold. Well, if you want to buy a diamond, then be sure to check the four Cs karat, cut, color and clarity and if spending a lot, request the jeweler for a GIA or IGI certificate.

A measure of quality cut refers to the shape and positioning of a diamonds facets. Clarity is the imperfections present in the diamond. Diamonds are rated from Z to D based on color, D being colorless is rated the highest. Carat is the weight of the diamond.

Likewise, there are certain parameters for buying gold jewelry as well, some of which are:

Purity 24 karat gold is considered the purest form of gold, but this form is too soft to be mended into any shape and this is why it is alloyed with a mixture of metals like silver, copper, nickel, and zinc to give it strength and durability. The price of 24k is the highest, followed by 22k and then 18k.


Hallmark The Assay Hallmark is a proof of golds authenticity, so check this certification before investing money in gold jewelry.

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Receipt Opt to go to the jeweler who will give a receipt for your purchase and a replacement valuation. The receipt must contain all the information about the purity, weight, and certification of the gold.

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